World Series Baseball Saturday Morning Rewind:Did you stick with the game until the very end, if so you saw World Series History!!!(LONGEST Game in World Series history last night/this morning)

The final score said Los Angeles Dodgers 3, Boston Red Sox 2, but there was much more to this game than just the final score…

What time was it when this game finally ended???

We are talking 3:20am Eastern Time/our time and then 12:20am on the west coast…

We are talking the longest game in World Series history and it ended after 18 innings, the game going 7 hours, 20 minutes……

How many of you were still with this game when Max Muncy hit the Walk-off home run for the LA Dodgers to end the game, in the bottom of the 18th inning????

Some fans were definitely saying “Thank-you Max Muncy”, when he took the Red Sox pitcher Nathan Eovaldi deep, to close out the Longest Baseball Game in World Series history….

Muncy was the hero and he nearly left the yard, and almost closed down the marathon affair, with a shot to right in the 15th inning off of Eovaldi, but the long ball went foul and the teams played on….

Eovaldi had what has to be considered one of the strongest relief pitching efforts in all of baseball history, with the job the former Miami Marlin did for the Red Sox, going 7 unbelievable innings out there, on the mound for the BoSox….

WOW!!!, MAN!!!!!, how did this game keep going on, and what compelled us to not leave the game, we could have just gone on to bed and read about it later on, on Saturday morning….

But no, there was something about this game that would not let us turn away, and turn in for the night/morning…..

You had former Greensboro Grasshoppers second baseman Austin Barnes out there behind the plate for the Dodgers and he turned Boston’s Eduardo Nunez for a flip when Barnes went for a wild pitch that got through Nunez’ legs…

Nunez added another flip, when he went into the stands on the left side of the infield, and his somersault, on the pop foul ball catch play, allowed the Dodgers’ Muncy to advance to second base from first, and he later came around to score the tying run, to make it 2-2 and extend the game into the night/morning…

Nunez was all over the place and it seemed at times like he might have to leave the game due to injury, but even after his head-first slide into first base, giving him an infield hit, he continued to play on, like a true Boston Red Sox warrior…..

Boston’s Eduardo Nunez was saying this after the game:
“We did everything we could to win that game,” said Nunez, who spent the game falling and diving all over the place and required two extended checks from the team trainer. He even tripped on the pitcher’s mound catching an infield popup. “We lose together, we win together,” he added.
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Just scroll down a couple of frames and you will get Nunez’ crazy inning…

The Dodgers center fielder Cody Bellinger was saying this after the game:
“I had to [pee] since the seventh inning,” Bellinger said. “We had drug testers in there so we couldn’t [pee] yet because we didn’t know who was getting drug tested. I’m glad [Muncy] hit the home run so I can finally see if I get tested or not.”

More from Bellinger:“I don’t really know what to say,” Dodgers outfielder Cody Bellinger said. “I’m just glad Muncy hit the home run so we can go home and get some sleep.”

Historical notes on this game:
The 18 innings shattered the previous World Series record of 14 innings, done three times previously: 2015 Game 1 (Mets-Royals), 2005 Game 3 (White Sox-Astros) and 1916 Game 2 (Brooklyn Robins-Red Sox). It tied the mark for longest postseason game and shattered numerous other records, including most combined strikeouts in a World Series game with 34.
(You also had two key errors in this game, one from LA’s pitcher Scott Alexander and the other from the Red Sox second baseman, the former Hickory Crawdad, Ian Kinsler, and both miscues led to runs in the extra-innings.)

It was 3:20am when Max Muncy finally sent us to bed…….

Boston now leads the Best-of-Seven World Series Two-games-to-One and Game Three gets going tonight on FOX TV at around 8pm and I sure hope they get ‘er done by 11pm tonight…..Got to tune in tonight just to see how the players are all looking and playing, when they take the field after last night’s marathon…..

I wonder if the old baseball diehards we know were tuned in last night?????? You know, the Ogi Overmans(diehard Boston Red Sox fan), and many other huge baseball fans, like Enad Haddad, Bill Ahrens, Justin Smith, Bud Strunk, Jeff Smith(assistant basketball coach at Greensboro Day and I think he is a huge Boston fan), Alan Ashkinazy(former minor leaguer in the Red Sox system), Todd Pratt(former Red Sox catcher), Jeff Mills(News and Record baseball writer and huge baseball fan), Bill Hass(former N&R baseball man and with, Don Tilley(GPR), Randy Norris Sr., Wyatt Smith and I kind of wonder if all of those old baseball diehards stayed with the game until the finish this morning……….

The longest game I had seen before last night’s game was the Greensboro Grasshoppers’ 19-inning win(5-4) over the West Virginia Power, on August 25, 2011…The game went 19 innings and the Hoppers’ Christian Yelich(in the playoffs this season with the Brewers), Yelich had 9 at-bats and he went 3-5, with 4 walks, a home run, three RBI and one run scored….Innings-wise, that is the longest game I have ever seen….There was the one night/day with the Grasshoppers when the pregame radio broadcast began at 4:10 in the afternoon and the fist pitch didn’t come until 8:10 that Friday night, due to rain delays and the game finally finished around 11pm that night….Turned into around a 7 hour-plus game overall and was probably, very close in time to what they had out in LA last night/this morning….

And there you go, and this is October and you were saying, hey we have football today, and YES, we do…..