High School Football Saturday Morning Rewind as teams start to shift and sift with the Playoffs just two weeks away

The Playoffs are getting near and with just one week until “Selection Saturday” from the NCHSAA, many of our teams are starting to sift and shift, as several are on the way in and many others are on the way out….Today we will rewind our Thursday and Friday night games, that we have seen played over the past two days/nights….

We saw clouds, we saw rain, and as JT once said, “I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain, I’ve seen sunny days that I thought would never end”….So, JT/James Taylor, the great meteorologist that you are, you should have told us that we would not see the sunny days until Saturday of this week, but so much for that, here goes the Saturday Morning Rewind…..

Hey, and while you are at it, you can check out Grimsley’s win over Northwest Guilford last night, when you CLICK HERE and turn on GreensboroSports Radio…Turn your radio on, on to GreensboroSports Radio…..

Now, First Things First….

Here is part of the Playoff Picture from our Friday Night Finish feature:
(This is how we see the Guilford County Teams headed into the playoffs.)

Southeast Guilford
Eastern Guilford
Southwest Guilford
Northern Guilford

High Point Central
Northwest Guilford
Western Guilford
Southern Guilford
High Point Andrews

Northeast Guilford

**********I think we have more Links on here today, than you’ll find with that lynx out behind the Carolina Panthers’ stadium…If we don’t have something on your team, send it our way…Wish we had a report on the Smith-Western Guilford game.**********

First up on the Rewind here is JP Mundy, from the News and Record’s HSXtra section, with the cap on last night’s Northwest Guilford at Grimsley game and as Mr. Mora(Jim Sr.) used to say, “Playoffs, are we talking Playoffs?”….Yes sir Mr. Jim Mora, the Grimsley Whirlies have qualified for the Playoffs, with a (6-5) overall mark/record…
CLICK HERE for the JP Mundy rundown…
(Good team working together/in tandem, Mr. Mundy and Mr. Mora.)

Going back to Thursday night, here’s a direct descendant of the “Flying Dutchman”, Norm Van Brocklin, that’s ‘Flying Philip Deutsch’ from the News and Record’s HSXtra and he has the ball in flight and the game was with Western Alamance at Northern Guilford and check out the flight-up/writeup from the GPD/Philip Deutsch….

Eastern Guilford smashed Southern Guilford’s pumpkin and the N&R’s Jason Gaertner was there and he took it all in, and you can climb into the ‘Gaertner Mobile’ and ride along with Jason and check out that Thursday night special from Tommy Grayson Stadium, at EG, when you

CLICK HERE for Jerome Richard at the Burlington Times-News on Eastern Guilford’s win over Southern Guilford….

No Sleepwalking/Siestas for the News and Record’s Joe Sirera, but he must of thought he was taking in the “Night of the Walking Dead”, when the Dudley Panthers could not get their offense going on Thursday night at Tarpley Stadium….No siesta for Mr. Sirera, but he did see Mount Tabor’s QB JaQuan Albright say Hasta La Vista/See You Later four times in this game, and Dudley may not want to see Albright on another night this season, but here is the reason, things weren’t going to pleasing for Dudley….

CLICK HERE and you can break the code and find out why Tabor was hitting the road, on their back to Winston-Salem with a win over our Dudley Panthers…..Here is Albright talking to Jay Spivey at the WS Journal:
“I’m not going to say hold the weight. I’ll say lead,” said Albright, a senior. “I had to lead the team. It feels good to have a conference championship and bring it two times back-to-back to Mount Tabor High School.”
CLICK HERE to get the “Spivey Specifics”…..

Dudley has to get things shored up as they head toward the 2018 playoffs…

First Conference Championship for Southeast Guilford in 50 years and Bradley Cole, from the N&R was in there for the whole celebration on Thursday night, at the Bill Slayton Stadium and young Mr. Cole saw the whole thing go down and the balloons were going up into the air, after the SEG Falcons finished off the Southwestern Randolph Cougars, giving SEG coach Kennedy Tinsley the 55-7 victory and the first conference title for the Falcons, since 1968, all in the same day/night….

CLICK HERE find out more about this monumental victory from Bradley Cole at the HSXtra….

This was a good battle here last night from our area, as Ledford slipped past North Davidson, 9-7, and Dan Kibler from the Winston-Salem Journal has ‘Kibler’s Key Report’ on this game and you can get and “Keep it with Kibler” when you,
(Those “Kibler’s Keys to the Game”, are very informative.)

CLICK HERE for Jay Spivey, at the WS Journal, on East Forsyth’s 52-21 win over WS Reynolds, on Friday night, in Kernersville…

CLICK HERE for Southwest Guilford’s 48-0 win over North Forsyth, from Brett Deresienski at the High Point Enterprise…You may have to sign-in to get in, but you can give it a shot…

CLICK HERE for Wheatmore over High Point Andrews, 24-6, from Greer Smith at the HP Enterprise…

Southern Alamance completed their sweep of all of the Alamance County teams on Thursday night, with the SA Patriots 20-0 win over Burlington Williams…Southern Alamance first-year coach Fritz Hessenthaler said he was happy/glad to get bring out the brooms and “Sweep Alamance County”….

Quote from Coach Fritz:“I don’t think it’s an official title or anything, but I’ve been in Alamance County for over 30 years and it’s certainly a source of pride because there’s a lot of good football in Alamance County,” Hessenthaler said. “If you can come out on top in Alamance, I think you have a chance to do some things in the playoffs.”

CLICK HERE to read all about this game from David Kehrli at the Burlington Times-News…..