The Friday Football Finish says, Grimsley Wins the ‘Mud Bowl’ over Northwest Guilford:”Mission Accomplished” Grimsley Whirlies

We had a wet night and we had some mud, but boy what a hard-fought game tonight over at Grimsley High School, inside their Jamieson Stadium…

Grimsley wins the ‘Mud Bowl’, with a victory over the Northwest Guilford Vikings….”Mission Accomplished” Grimsley Whirlies, as they grab a 14-7 win over NWG…

This game looked like it might be a “Monday Nighter” when we stepped outside at 4pm, and saw all the rain that was falling and then we drove over to Grimsley, and the rain would not let up…But we got the word from Grimsley coach Daryl Brown that this game would go on, and the only hiccup would be the start delayed from 7:30, till 8pm….A half hour delay would be OK, and from what we were seeing both of these teams came ready to play tonight….

Grimsley was the ‘Mud Bowl’ winner, but Northwest Guilford had their chances and the Vikings got a gritty performance from their senior quarterback Johnny Pagano…Pagano was running and Pagano passing, but early on Northwest was moving the ball and they were moving the chains, but the Vikings could not move the numbers on the scoreboard….

Grimsley got super running and receiving from the super small-sized Cam Wall, but Wall was playing big on this Friday night, and set his team up for their first score, as Quan Nora took the ball and ran past the second tier of the NWG defense and Nora was on his way to end zone, almost going in untouched…Chris Zellous ran in the two =point conversion for Grimsley and the Whirlies led early 8-0….

Quan Nora got Grimsley’s first TD and the second Whirlie touchdown came a long run of 62 yards from the Whirlies’ Born Lesane…But it was the quick and snappy feet of Cam Wall that got the Grimsely Whirlies cooking on this Friday night…Wall was hitting that right sideline and he nearly took it to the house, on a play that covered over 40 yards and a would-be TD, but the play was called back, when the officials said/ruled Wall crossed the line and he had stepped out-of-bounds…

Grimsley got a key pick/interception from DB Rob Dalton and Dalton picked up some good yardage on his INT return…Peter Hennigan recovered a fumble for the NWG defense and Hennigan gave NWG a boost when he grabbed the loose pigskin, as it was squirting along/across the ground…

The lone NWG TD came on a two-yard run from QB Johnny Pagano…

Grimsley got off some good punts from senior Will Caviness, but WC missed on his one PAT kick attempt…Northwest trotted out a freshman kicker in the second half and the Vikings got a good boost and some good boots on kickoffs, from the 9th-grader/freshman, Cameron Tippet…

You had to like that effort that NWG’s Jacob Hardy brought to the table, as #20 for NWG was working his rear end off in the offensive backfield, and on defense was doing all he could to get into Grimsley’s offensive backfield, from his nose guard spot on the NWG “D”….

Grimsley kept NWG’s Cam Cloud bottled up most of the night, and we use that ‘old-saying’ term “Bottled Up”, as it proves that Grimsley was focusing on Cloud, and that they had his number(2) and they would not let the Vikings’ Cloud break through on this Friday, in ‘The Mud Bowl’….

The Grimsley offensive line with Max Baker, Zach Hull, Cooper Marriot, Chris Lyle and Ahmad Brewington setting the pace and tone of the game, allowed the Grimsley offensive backs to find running room and maneuver all night long..It didn’t take much, you give the Grimsley RB’s a hole and they can turn the play into a first down or a touchdown…

This was one of those games where you hated that there had to be a loser, but Northwest sees their season end with the 14-7 loss to Grimsley in ‘The Mud Bowl’, Friday November 2, 2018….NWG closes out 2018 at 4-7 overall/1-3 Metro and Grimsley will improve to 6-5 overall/3-1 in the Metro….

This will be a night the 21 seniors from Grimsley will not soon forget, and now Grimsley can say, “Mission Accomplished”, as they prepare for the postseason and they get for the 2018 NCHSAA 4-A Football Playoffs…

From Grimsley we voted senior Cam Wall in as the “Player of the Game” tonight, did we hit or did we miss it?????

Tonight’s game/’The Mud Bowl’ was a perfect fit for our Friday Night Football Finish to the regular season…

Key numbers from Tonight’s game courtesy of Don Tilley, GreensboroSports Radio….
Northwest Guilford Vikings
Johnny Pagano 17 carries 75 yards and one TD. 8/19/1 90 yards
Jacob Hardy 15 carries 45 yards

Grimsley Whirlies
Born Lesane 3 carries 58 yards one TD
Cam Wall 20 carries 123 yards
Quan Nora 19 carries 87 yards one TD

In other games tonight, I saw where Southwest Guilford defeated North Forsyth 48-0 tonight and with one more game to go, and a record of (8-3) in sight, you have to think the Cowboys, from SWG, are planning for Playoff Provisions again this season….

HP Andrews fell to Wheatmore and Wheatmore has had a great season, the Wheatmore Warriors now stand at (9-1) for the season and they should give somebody a 2-A fit in the playoffs…..

East Forsyth and West Forsyth are among our other winners and East Forsyth is sitting pretty at (10-0), on the year….

Here is how we see the Guilford County Teams headed into the playoffs…

Southeast Guilford
Eastern Guilford
Southwest Guilford
Northern Guilford

High Point Central
Northwest Guilford
Western Guilford
Southern Guilford
High Point Andrews

Northeast Guilford