New Extended Power Rankings from like all of the Guilford County teams have a spot in this week’s rankings/Check Them Out

CLICK HERE for the extended Power Rankings for this week from….We have Page, Grimsley, Ragsdale, Northwest Guilford, High Point Central(4-A’s) and all of our 3-A teams, with Southeast Guilford at #9, Eastern Guilford at #18 and Dudley #30….Southwest Guilford is #40, Northeast Guilford at #54 and on the list of Guilford County teams goes…..

Sort of interesting you have Grimsley at #29 4-A’s and right close to the Whirlies, you have the Ragsdale Tigers at #32….Page was at #18 4-A’s, while the East Forsyth Eagles are at #3 in the state 4-A rankings…Also interesting that 4-A top teners/tenors Myers Park and Matthews Butler grabbed forfeiture wins due to the fighting that halted the seasons, for four Charlotte-area high school football teams last week…

This will be a good adventure for you, looking up all of the teams, until the final playoff brackets come out on Saturday…..