Sunday Night Opinion Poll:Did Riverboat Ron make the right call?(Should the Carolina Panthers have gone for Two, or should the Panthers have kicked the Extra Point and looked toward OT?)

What about it???

Did Riverboat Ron Rivera make the right call this afternoon?

Should the Carolina Panthers have gone for Two, or should the Panthers have kicked the Extra Point and looked toward OT?

What about the coach’s call? The Carolina Panthers go for two and skip the Extra Point kick attempt that would have tied the game and pretty guaranteed the football game vs. the Detroit Lions, at Detroit, would have gone into Overtime…

Did Ron Rivera make the right call going for two?? Cam Newton had a receiver wide open and he missed the receiver by a mile and a-half, and if you stop and think about it for a second, Newton was standing back there with all day long to throw that pass and with all of that time for Newton standing back there in the pocket, why didn’t Cam Newton take off and run the ball??? He probably could have dove into the end zone for the Two-Point conversion….

But, when you really look this last Panthers’ chance over, this is one of those times when Riverboat Ron, should have held his hand, and had Graham Gano attempt/kick the Extra Point….

Easier said and done in hindsight, and we are not doing our “Sunday Night Quarterback Thing”, but as soon as this play came up and there was a question about what the Panthers should do, my first inclination was, Kick the Extra Point and try and send the football game into OT…With the time remaining on the clock, after the Panthers failed on the Two-Point attempt, the game was over…

If the Panthers kicked the Extra Point, and they made it, the game goes into the extra frame….

Final answer/Final conclusion/Final Thought on this Sunday Night Opinion Poll:
KICK THE EXTRA POINT and go for Overtime……..

$$$$$$$$$$ Riverboat Ron Ran Out Of Cards Today$$$$$$$$$$

+++++In case you missed it, Final Score:Detroit Lions 20, Carolina Panthers 19


  1. Obviously you didn’t see GaNO nearly miss his made XP, and then miss two kicks. He was awful. Going for 2 was the right call, just a bad throw

  2. I think they should have kicked the Extra Point…Remember that 63-yard Field Goal(The big make by Gano, don’t you know)….Do you have more faith in Cam making that throw or Gano making that kick???? Have faith in your kicker and that will carry over to the next game vs. Seattle…

    Cam missed by a mile and a-half…

    Here is what Ron Rivera said:
    “I think you go for 2 on the road,” Rivera said.

    Rivera would not budge on the reasoning behind the aggressive call when pressed whether he made it because usually reliable kicker Graham Gano missed an extra point and a field goal earlier.

    “I was going for the win,” he said. “That’s the bottom line.”

  3. Another point, I think I like Cam’s chances better running than passing for the two, but I still would have gone for the kick…

    BTW:I saw the missed extra point by Gano, but you have to come right back with him…Junk happens…

    As soon as the situation presented itself, I said, “Kick It”…..

    Let’s get some other opinions in here….

  4. Found this quote from Cam Newton:
    (Talking about the two-point pass play on the conversion attempt.)

    “I gotta make that play. I have to make that play,” he said. “Jarius did a great job of kind of improvising. I just have to make that play. … I let this team down. And I just have to be better.”

  5. Let the kicker Gano kick the PAT. He makes it and he has his confidence back and the Panthers are going into OT with the momentum.

    Kick the PAT.

  6. I heard today Ron Rivera might lose his job over this and I’m not sure why because I thought he made the right call when he decided to go for two.

  7. WFMY News 2 took a poll on Monday night during the 11pm newscast and 76% of the voters said the Carolina Panthers should have kicked the Xtra point and 24% of the voters said the Panthers should have went for two….

    2 Wants to Know, and they just found out last night and that’s the way it is said Walter Cronkite III…

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