Greensboro Teams in Turkey Bowl Showdown Tonight in High Point, meeting Wallburg and High Point for the Titles

*****Turkey Bowl Stats from Saturday, November 17, 2018*****

**********Team Greensboro 7-9 year olds:**********

Team Greensboro 7-9 year olds played High Point Broncos in the 1pm game.
The game was a real defensive battle. At the end of the regulation game the score was tied 0-0.
The game went into sudden death overtime.

Team Greensboro loss the coin toss and went onto offense from the 10 yard line. On the first play from scrimmage from the ten yard line, #19 Devin Cotton scored running through the 2 hole. The extra point attempt was not successful. Team Greensboro went up 6-0. The High Point Broncos then took the ball on the Ten yard line for their chance to tie or win the game.
High Point Broncos had the ball on the 1 yard line with 4th down. Team Greensboro put up a gallant defensive effort and kept High Point Broncos out of the end zone.

Team Greensboro 7-9 year olds won the game 6-0 in sudden death overtime.

Team Greensboro 7-9 year olds will play Wallburg Monday night at 6:30pm for the 9u Championship.

**********Team Greensboro 10-12 year olds:*********

Team Greensboro 10-12 year olds played Thomasville Bulldogs in the 2:30pm game.
Team Greensboro scored twice in the first half and took a 14-0 lead into half-time. Thomasville took the second half kick-off back for a touchdown to make the score 14-6. Team Greensboro then took the game over and scored the next 13 points.

The final score was Team Greensboro 27 – Thomasville 6.

Here are the Game Stats for the 10-12 year old Team Greensboro Team:

#32 KeyShawn Jones rushed the ball 8 times for 62 yards
#26 Robert McCollum rushed the ball 7 times for 78 yards
#16 Herbert McNeil rushed the ball 4 times for 32 yards and a touchdown
#14 Zaine Murphy had a 3 yard scamper and a touchdown
#10 Brayden Jeffries also added 2 touchdowns

Team Greensboro defensive squad held Thomasville to zero first downs and a total of 3 yards of offensive.

Team Greensboro will play High Point Monday night at 7:45pm.