No surprise here with Larry Fedora out as North Carolina’s head football coach, but the next thought is, “Who will be the Heels’ next coach???”(Will it be an APP guy?)

Larry Fedora out as the UNC Tar Heels’ head football coach and with Larry’s memory loss, it makes you wonder if he might be suffering from CTE and you have to examine the situation and reach a conclusion, with Coach Fedora’s inability to remember the fight that took place at the end of N.C. State’s 34-28 overtime win over the Heels, it might be possible that Coach Fedora may have suffered a concussion and he can’t really remember much of anything that has happened while he has been in Chapel Hill…

These are tough times down by the Well, and now with Coach Fedora out and the Board of Regents looking for a new man to roam the sidelines in Kenan Memorial Stadium, we have to start speculating on who that new North Carolina Tar Heels coach might be…..

Will it be an APP man?

Will Coach Scott Satterfield, the current head coach of the Appalachian State Mountaineers be high on the Heels’ list??

Will Scott Satterfield be in the running for the job in Chapel Hill???

Could it be Satterfield, or could it be another APP State man????

If not Scott Satterfield, then what about Jerry Moore, Sparky Woods, Mack Brown and my top choice would go back to Jim Brakefield…….

Of the five APP men, four are still with us….

…But Coach Brakefield left us back in 2002….

All of those coaches would make fine coaches for the UNC Tar Heels, but Satterfield being the youngest, he might be the top/wisest choice….Of those five names I listed, all had, or have had winning records at Appalachian State, with the exception being Coach Brakefield, and he was (47-48-4)…

Woods was (38-19-2) at APP, Mack Brown was (6-5) in his one season(1983) at APP, Jerry Moore had an illustrious career at APP, going (215-87) in his 24 years coaching the APP State Mountaineers…Scott Satterfield’s current record at APP is (50-24) and that covers his six years, as the head coach up on the mountain…

**********Who will the next coach be at UNC?**********

++++++++++We have left a nice short list for the Heels to use, as their search begins to intensify…….++++++++++

$$$$$ In what might be a trend to use from the past, Mack Brown’s only year at APP was 1983 and then just a few years later, Mack Brown became the head coach at North Carolina in 1988…Will this sort of trend continue with an APP coach headed to UNC?$$$$$