High School Basketball Tonight Finals for (11/29/18):NWG boys, 55-51 over Smith(Western Gym floor becomes the “Mickie Tuttle Court” on Friday night)

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++++++++++Tomorrow night will be a special night at Western Guilford High School, as the gym floor in the Bill Hollifield Gymnasium will be named in honor of long-time Western Guilford girls basketball and volleyball coach, Mickie Tuttle….++++++++++See more below……

Finals for Thursday night November 29:
Northwest Guilford boys 55, Ben L. Smith 51
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Northwest Guilford girls 73, Ben L. Smith 27

Dudley girls 60, Page 30
Page boys 55, Dudley 45
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Northern Guilford boys 66, Orange 64
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Northern Guilford girls 41, Orange 34

WS Parkland boys 68, East Forsyth 49
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Scoring rundown on Smith-Northwest Guilford girls game….End of 1st Q:NWG 18, Smith 6…Halftime:NWG 46, Smith 15..End of 3rd Q:NWG 65, Smith 23…Final:NWG 73, Smith 27…
11-0 start to begin the game for NWG Girls…The teams started out going the wrong way to begin the game, but the officials got things mixed up a bit and then they got things sorted out and had the teams going the right way/got them switched after the first possession, and NWG picked up the game pace pretty quick…NWG took a 40-point lead and the running clock took effect with 1:42 left in the 3rd Quarter…
NWG scoring:Aniston Green led NWG with 18 points…Reagan Kargo had 17 for NWG, Thalia Carter added 13 points, Jaden Murray chipped in 9, Megan Harkey posted 8 points from the post, Hannah Pegram put in 6 points, Brooke Anthony dropped in 2 points and Hannah Parker had one point for the NWG Vikings…
We named Aniston Green our Player of the Game and she would get the Game Ball for tonight’s NWG victory…Lots of hustle and hard work turned by Green and Cayla King told me that Green was on the NWG JV girls team last season and this season, Green has stepped up her game..Also thought that Thalia Carter had another good game and very steady effort in the post from Megan Harkey…Reagan Kargo had her shots falling and she gave the Vikings strong leadership from the guard position….Cayla said a lot of the NWG girls had been doing morning workouts and it is paying off…Always good to catch up with Cayla, she knows the game and talks it well…..Cayla said she will be back sooner that later…

Smith girls scoring numbers:
India Sturdivant lead the Golden Eagles with 10 points…Zaria Scott, a freshman, hit for 8 points for Smith…Lilly Green added 6 points and added 3 points for Smith….

Scoring rundown from the Northwest Guilford-Smith boys game:
Northwest Guilford scoring…Christian Hampton led NWG with 17 points and we had with 6 key free throws during the stretch run of the ball game…Hampton would be our Player of the Game and he would get the Game Ball from tonight’s contest….Hampton plays with a “high motor” and he is a very emotional player and his emotions play a big part in how he plays….He let is loose and he doesn’t like to lose…..Christian Hampton, with a “Whale of a Game” for Northwest Guilford…
Also for NWG you had, Dean Reiber with 9 points and he had some foul trouble…Brandon Thomas and Johnny Pagano had points each for NWG, also 6 a-piece for Noah Allred and Kehri Carson and Robbie Boulton added added three, with a three for NWG….

The Smith Golden Eagle scoring went like this:
Jordan Williams, for Smith showed he is the top three-point shooting guard in the Triad to begin the 2018-2019 season, as Williams hit for 7 shots from behind the arc and had 24 points, to lead the Golden Eagles in scoring….Jordan Williams was money from Three-Point range tonight for Ben L. Smith and his only problem was, he should have shot more….Silas Mason had 8 Smith points, Nic McMullen pumped in 7 for Smith and McMullen started out hot and I thought he would have done a bit more, but NWG found a way to contain him…Six points each for Juwelz Hargrove and Khalid Hinds from Smith….

**********One footnote on the boys’ game and that was, in the First Half, nobody from either team could hit a Free Throw….Both teams were shooting miserably from the Charity Stripe in half number one and they did pick up the pace in the second half, as NWG’s Hampton started shooting like he was born on the foul line….**********

++++++++++Tomorrow night/Friday night will be a special night at Western Guilford High School, as the gym floor in the new Bill Hollifield Gymnasium will be named/dedicated in honor of long-time Western Guilford girls basketball and volleyball coach Mickie Tuttle….**********Quite an honor and well-deserved for Coach Tuttle, who made girls athletics a top priority on the high school level and Coach Tuttle was teaching and preaching Title 9 long before it was in vouge and rightfully so…Coach Tuttle not only pushed for success for girls in sports/athletics, she made sure it happened, by being one of the best girls/women’s coaches that there ever has been…..No telling how wins her teams attained over the years and just how many conference championship banners her teams brought home, going all the way back to her beginnings at Guilford Junior High School…She was my Home Room teacher in the 7th grade and everything that Mickie Tuttle did with her Home Room and her Women in Sports teams, was a HR/Home Run…Congratulations to Ms. Tuttle on an honor that is so well-deserved…She is one of the greatest coaches to ever come through Guilford County, male or female….

Again congratulations to Coach Mickie Tuttle for having the court named in her honor, inside the Bill Hollifield Gym, at Western Guilford High School…++++++++++

^^^^^^^^^^Mickie Tuttle Court, sounding good and will be looking good, on Friday night……^^^^^^^^^^