Friday Night Football Finish where Field General Ryan Douglas MacArthur took his Flying Falcon troops(“Orange Army”) into battle and they crossed an Ocean and came out bleeding Orange on the other side and now ‘The Flying Falcons’ will face the Weddington Warriors for the State 3-AA Championship

The SEG Falcons, led by their senior Field General young Ryan Douglas MacArthur, went into battle on Friday night December 7, 2018 and the Douglas-led ‘Flying Falcons’ crossed the Ocean and they came out on the other side of the Ocean(Darius Ocean from the Cleveland Rams) and as the ‘Flying Falcons’ landed on the other side, they were in the “Promised Land”, the ‘Flying Falcons’ had landed in the end zone and the scoreboard at the Bill Slayton Stadium was saying/reading, Southeast Guilford 37, Cleveland 33

Southeast Guilford had just won yet another BIG GAME in 2018 and the young Field General who we feel like should be named the Guilford County High School Football Player of the Year, he had led his team on a successful mission theat was in reality, two missions, a Land Mission where Douglas ran the football 19 times for 136 yards and two TD’s and it was an Air Attack/Mission, where Field General Ryan Douglas MacArthur was 8-16 passing for 152 yards and two more touchdowns….A very successful Friday night mission for the Field General Ryan Douglas MacArthur if you ask me….

Douglas had a TD-run of 41 yards that sent him down the Cleveland Rams left sideline and Douglas hit the war zone near the opposing team/army’s bench and Douglas rode that like he as on his way to the Pentagon for a meeting with General Patton….

Douglas let loose on a bomb/long pass that hit its target in Tyler Hoff and by the time Hoff got that football in his hands, Hoff was off and it was like he was heading toward the highway, where he could get on 421 South and fly right past the enemy forces and end up at Fort Bragg, in Fayetteville….

This a true battlefield and that includes any place within a 25-mile radius of the Slayton Complex on this Friday December 7 and you could tell that whoever has been teaching the Jr. ROTC programs at Southeast Guilford, has been doing their job…

These ‘Flying Falcon’ soldiers came out to play some real football tonight and it didn’t really matter that the ‘Flying Falcons’ got down, since just as they dipped below the radar of the Cleveland Rams, the saw that they were trailing in the game(Cleveland was up 26-14 at halftime), and as the third quarter began, the Second Battalion from SEG went to work and you should have seen the soldiers from Southeast including Stockham, B. King, Stephens, Shreve, Mansfield, Graham, Burns, Rapp, Fleming, Smith and others who stood up and became officers in the “Orange Army” on this Friday December 7…

The “Orange Army” is now what we call this group of young military-type football attackers and as in most situations, you have to take the good and a bad and bad piece of news that came across the desk of Major General Mark White tonight was the loss of Johnny King….King was sort of shot down while in action for the “Orange Army” and we are not sure if King will be back on the field of battle for next week’s game in Chapel Hill, vs. those hated Weddington Warriors….And you say we can’t hate them, we don’t know nothing about them….Well you better fall in line solider, you are set to meet them on the fields of Keenan, next weekend….

You have to get ready men, you have to start getting ready….And some may ask Field General Ryan Douglas MacArthur, if we can’t just enjoy this NCHSAA 3-AA East Championship a little bit longer, and the man who put together 288 total yards of offense and 4 TD’s on the 7th of December, 2018 will say, “No Way Orange Army’, we have Field Marshall and Ten-Star General Kennedy Tinsley to answer to, and he is part of the Kennedy Family that merged with the Tinsleys and if you all remember correctly, the Kennedys came through Dallas about this time of year back in 1963….

I do not think anyone could have ever imagined the military and political history that surrounds and encompasses the “Orange Army” at Southeast Guilford High School and now with the “Orange Army” battalion record at (14-1) for 2018, this is truly the best corp of soldiers to ever take the field, at the Bill Slayton Stadium….

And now they will be representing their homeland, their nation, their families and their school, as the SEG “Orange Army” takes the battlefield next Saturday in Chapel Hill, N.C.

**********And a few more numbers that I found on a couple of pair of old expired NCHSAA dog tags outside the stadium after the game was over read, Private First Class Tyler Hoff with 2 receptions for 98 yards and one touchdown in the Dec. 7 game…..SGT. Braxton King and SGT. Chad Stephens both with rushing touchdowns for the SEG Falcons/”Orange Army” in this game….More of these numbers coming your way on Saturday just before Revelry….Final notes due in just after Taps on Saturday night…****************

The Southeast Guilford “Orange Army” is taking their spot in Guilford County high school football history and we will do our best to follow them as they go into battle, in Chapel Hill, next Saturday….

++++++++++In other High School Football State Championship news tonight, Victor Floyd, the former assistant football coach under Marion Kirby at Page High School and the head coach at Dudley High School, Floyd led the Chester, South Carolina Cyclones to the South Carolina 3-A State Championship tonight…Chester, South Carolina, over Dillon, South Carolina, 34-28….

Coach Floyd’s Chester Cyclones finish the season at (15-0) and this is the first football State Championship for Chester, in 55 years….Kickoff came at 5pm, in Williams Brice Stadium, in Columbia, South Carolina….

Deepest football playoff run for Southeast Guilford in 50 years and now first football title for the Chester Cyclones in 55 years….Is there some sort of correlation here?????? Somebody check the tea leaves and whoever leaves the light on again out at the Hagan Stone outpost/outhouse, will have to do 100 pushups come Monday morning in Mr. Coiro’s class…..


  1. I AM bleeding orange for a great team of warriors and coaches at SE Guilford. I am proud that JESUS is a teammate for the coaches and so many of these fine young men Coach Mack in Chapel Hill should take notice that these are the type of young a.athletes you want to go to war
    With. I hope to recover enough to see my kids in Blue Heaven on Saturday. Love in Christ to all.
    Coach Big Charlie P

  2. Deja-Vu! Coach Kennedy Tinsley went with the EGHS Wildcats to the 3AA Championship – to play Weddington – in mid Dec 2016! I KNOW he will have his ORANGE ARMY ready for this mission! Good Luck Falcons!!!

  3. December 7, 2018, the day/night the SEG “Orange Army” dropped a bomb on Cleveland…A day/night that will live in infamy…

    25-30 years from now the news reports will read that is was a combination of the “Orange Army’s” air and ground attacks that ultimately took down Cleveland…

    December 7, 2018, a date that will live in infamy at Southeast Guilford High School and inside their Bill Slayton Stadium…

    If anyone is needing any interviews, I was there and saw what happened and will be available for those interviews next Monday-Thursday from 7am-7pm…

    What have hear in this post is actually the second, “A date that will live in Infamy” speech, and this speech/post that I have prepared/arranged here will surely cover the walls of history, but we do have more on the first Date in Infamy speech….

    from Wikipedia:
    The Infamy Speech was a speech delivered by United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt to a Joint Session of the US Congress on December 8, 1941, one day after the Empire of Japan’s attack on the US naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and the Japanese declaration of war on the United States and the British Empire.

    We are right on the money with this post and these comments, as here we are, December 8, 2018….

  4. And just one more point/thought…

    Back in August on our first “Football in Focus” show of the 2018 season from KickBack Jack’s we brought in who we thought would be the Top Four quarterbacks in Guilford Count for 2018 and sitting right there with on that Thursday night was Ryan Douglas, from Southeast Guilford High School….

    Also had Javondre Paige, from Page. Devan Boykin, from Ragsdale HS and Richard Monroe IV, from Dudley HS…

    Kind of crazy when you look back at that, but sort of had the feeling even then, that Ryan Douglas was ready to do something special for the Southeast Guilford Falcons this 2018 season…..

  5. Congratulations to my former coaching mate and their win last night. They got themselves in a hole in the first half but never gave up. Cleveland won the first half but SE won the second half in convincing fashion. People need to know that we play a pretty good caliber of football in this area. The fact that SE beat us in the second round 9-3 in OT is also a testament to the caliber of defense we played this year at EG. We may be the best defense SE will face all year.

  6. Congrats to the Falcons on a heck of a win. These boys never give up. If SE can put two of those halves together, they are bringing home the trophy. Mr. Goss, nothing but respect for EG… glad to see this rivarly spark, and not be a heated one. SE, Dudley and EG kids play some ball together and its no surprise to see their success. This community has had some great football over the years and its been a joy to watch. Now go get that ship and bring it on back to where it belongs! #falconpride

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