This Week’s High School Basketball Polls and this week we have added the Girls Private School Poll

Guilford County Public Schools TOP TEN POLL for the boys…..
1)Southwest Guilford Cowboys(13-0)
2)Northwest Guilford Vikings(11-2)
3)Ben L. Smith Golden Eagles(9-6)
4)Eastern Guilford Wildcats(11-5)
5)Southern Guilford Storm(9-3)
6)Ragsdale Tigers(8-5)
7)Page Pirates(7-7)
8)Dudley Panthers(7-6)
9)High Point Central(7-7)
10)TIE:Northern Guilford Nighthawks(5-6)/Grimsley Whirlies(5-7)

TOP TEN POLL GIRLS for the Guilford County public schools…..
1)Ragsdale Tigers(13-0)
2)Northwest Guilford Vikings(10-4)
3)Southeast Guilford Falcons(11-1)
4)High Point Central Bison(13-2)
5)Eastern Guilford Wildcats(12-4)
6)Dudley Panthers(9-5)
7)Northern Guilford Nighthawks(7-4)
8)High Point Andrews Red Raiders(6-4)
9)Southern Guilford Storm(7-5)
10)Page Pirates(4-11)

TOP TEN POLL BOYS for the Guilford County-area private schools:
1)Piedmont Classical School Bobcats(15-1)
2)Greensboro Day Bengals(16-5)
3)Bishop McGuinness Villains(11-3)…Private school, but does play public schedule…
4)High Point Christian Academy Cougars(11-7)
5)Oak Ridge Military Academy Cadets(7-1)
6)Wesleyan Christian Academy Trojans(6-5)
7)Westchester Country Day Wildcats(7-8)
8)Triad Math and Science Academy Tigers(12-3)
9)0ak Level Baptist Academy Oaks(10-6)…Stokesdale, N.C.
10)Bethany Community School Wolves(6-3)…(Summerfield, N.C.)

GIRLS TOP FIVE POLL for the Private Schools
1)The Burlington School Spartans(14-0)…Defeated Triad Math and Science, 66-0….
2)Greensboro Day School Bengals(13-5)
3)Bishop McGuinness Villains(10-4)
4)Forsyth Country Day Furies(7-6)
5)Community Baptist School Conquerors(10-7)….in Reidsville, N.C.

Combined BOYS TOP TEN POLL with the Public and Private Schools…
1)Southwest Guilford Cowboys(13-0)
2)Piedmont Classical School Bobcats(15-1)
3)Northwest Guilford Vikings(11-2)
4)Greensboro Day School Bengals(16-5)
5)Smith Golden Eagles(9-6)
6)Eastern Guilford Wildcats(11-5)
7)Southern Guilford Storm(9-3)
8)Bishop McGuinness Villains(11-3)
9)Ragsdale Tigers(8-5)
10)Page Pirates(7-7)