Game Report on Smith-Mount Tabor Boys Basketball:Silas Mason placing his best game of the season for the Golden Eagles with 22 big points, 13 for Hinds and 10 for Williams, but Mason erasin’ MT Spartans and Ben gets the win

Ben L. Smith 66, Mount Tabor 53

Smith-        24(1st) 15(2nd) 11(3rd) 16(4th) 66(Final)
Mount Tabor-  17(1st) 19(2nd)  8(3rd)  9(4th) 53(Final)

Smith scorers
Juwelz Hargrove 9
Jordan Williams 10
Khalid Hinds 13
Silas Mason 22
Nick McMullen 9
Tyron Graves 3

Mount Tabor scorers
J. Hunter 2
J. Moore 11
Q. Aldridge 9
A. Muse 10
D. Smits 4
D. Bullard 15
K. Campbell 2