Middle School Basketball for Monday:”Monday in the Middle Finals”(Send us your scores, we need to get them posted HERE!!!!!)/Guilford Middle takes two games from Jackson and Allen Middle School boys now (7-0)

Allen Middle School boys 42, Swann Middle 34
Allen Middle School boys(7-0)
Allen Jay Prep boys 33, Hairston Middle 23
Allen Jay Prep girls win big!!!
*****We could use more scores, we would love to post your Middle School score from today’s games….*****
(How about that NWG-Kernodle bunch, do you have something for us? I think Coach Brett Garrett is running the girls show over at Kernodle.)

Finals from the new Western Guilford Middle School and I do mean NEW….Everything is brand spanking new….New school building, new gym, new auxiliary gym, new baseball field, new softball field, new football/soccer field….The new Western Guilford Middle School complex has it all, and it sort of reminds you of a small junior college facility….

When you walk in the new building it makes you think you have arrived at “The Shrine on the Airline”, in New Orleans….This new Western Guilford Middle School place is nice and the WGMS folks have a lot to proud of, and to be thankful for…

Talked to WG AD Steve Sexton today and the WG people are loving their new digs and for Coach Sexton, it is plenty to keep up with, but boy, that WGMS place is nice/all right….

Now to the games that were played there, today….

Final from Game One:
Western Guilford Middle School boys 59-12 over the Jackson Middle Trojans….
End of 1st Q:WGMS 22, Jackson 6…Halftime:WGMS 37, Jackson 8…End of 3rd Q:WGMS 53, Jackson 10…Final:WGMS 59, Jackson 12
WG(4-1) with the WGMS Tigers only loss to Allen Middle…We spoke with WGMS Coach Joshua Webster, and we talked for a while after the boys game, and he told me the toughest team that Western has faced this year was Swann Middle….Last year Coach Josh said the toughest team out there was Kiser and he was right on about that call…Remember Kiser had Travis Shaw, Jackson Noble, Tyler Albright, Cam Wall and more….

This year, and as for tonight, the WGMS Tigers had Cam Lyons with 16 points, Zavier Neeley had 10 points, Towahn White had 8 points, Lamont Sewell had 6 points, Zach Bass had 4 points, Tishawn Williams had 3 points and he kept the scorebook too, when he wasn’t in the game, good job young Mr. Williams…Levelle had three points, Arrick Downey had 3 points, Tashawn Mann had 2 points, C.J. Neely had 2 points, and Cam Krumb had 2 pts…..

Scoring for Jackson Middle went like this:Kareem Gavin with 6 points, Micah Cowan had two points, Kermontrae Willis had two points and Jamarris Coles had two points….

+++++The big man for WGMS, Zavier Neely is a handful….He can help Coach Harris over Western Guilford High School in the future and he ought to be able to help out Coach T and Coach Res over at WG football too…The “Z-Man” is a real big young man, and he needs to stay locked into the Western Guilford territory…The WGMS coach, Coach Josh Webster, he played high school basketball up at Oak Hill Academy, in Mouth of Wilson, Virginia for the Red Team, and he not only coaches the WGMS basketball team, he is also coaching and running the WGMS baseball program as well, and said his baseball team used to travel and practice at the old Colfax Elementary School field every day, but this year, the WGMS Tigers will have a field of their own, and so will the softball team…Brand new fields over there on Lindley Road….+++++
(The WGMS assistant coach is Coach Rachel Parker, who is also a reservist in the US Army. She coaches additionally at CP3 academy in Winston Salem.)

The WGMS girls took care of Jackson Middle in Game Two today at the new WGMS gym….

Final in the girl’s game was 40-7 in favor of WGMS and here is how the game breakdown looks……

End of the 1st Q:WGMS Tigers 6, Jackson Trojans 0…Halftime:WGMS Tigers 23, Jackson Trojans 0….End of the 3rd Q:WGMS 27, Jackson Trojans 4…Final:WGMS Trojans 40, Jackson 7

For WGMS we were most impressed with #15 Alana Massey, #50 big Raniyah Hocutt and the little guard #3 Natalya Hildalgo….Massey had 14 points for WGMS and she had a good dribble-drive to the basket, Hocutt also had 14 points for WGMS and she was big and strong, nobody from the Jackson Middle School Trojans could stop her in the post and we hear she has been working real hard in the off-season, with her Summer travel ball team and Hildalgo(with 6 pts.) was like a small WG whirlwind in the backcourt and she played with confidence in her game and in her ball-handling skills…Also for WGMS, you had Aniyah Shannon with 4 pts. and you had Kayla Bridges chipping in 2 points….

For the Jackson Middle Trojans you had Tatianya Coles with 2 points, Samiyan Williams with 2 points, Jasmine Newell with 2 points and Genesis Arzarte with 1 point…..

$$$$$$$$$$ This was our first Middle School road-trip of the season and we hope to be out there every Monday, for “Monday in the Middle” this season, and we might have chance to sneak in a few Thursday games as well, we will just have to wait and see…..We were going to try and get over to Northwest Guilford tonight for their final scores, but everything was ending at around 7pm….If you have more scores for us, we would love to post them, and today it worked out pretty good for us, we got a chance to see the brand spanking NEW Western Guilford Middle School….All the old buildings are gone, but a new day and new buildings have begun to dawn the new day, at Western Guilford Middle School…$$$$$$$$$$

Be sure to send us your scores and this is how the schedule was looking today……
“Monday in the Middle”/Middle School Basketball in Guilford County:
Allen Middle at Swann Middle Boys at 4:45/Girls at 6pm
Allen Jay Prep at Hairston Middle Boys at 4:45/Girls at 6pm
Southwest Guilford Middle at Northern Guilford Middle Boys at 5/Girls at 6:15
Kernodle at Northwest Guilford Middle Boys at 5/Girls at 6:15pm
Kiser Middle at Eastern Guilford Boys at 4:45/Girls at 6pm
Mendenhall Middle at Southeast Guilford Boys at 4:45/Girls at 6pm
Penn-Griffin Middle at The Academy at Lincoln Girls at 4:45/Boys at 6pm
Welborn Middle at Southern Guilford Boys at 4:45/Girls at 6pm


  1. Great news at WGMS! Good report Andy! Sounds like the only ones that dropped the ball here, is Guilford County Schools, by not approving lights at the baseball/softball fields at WGMS! All the other new middle schools got them.

  2. @77Hornet Brand new school, brand new computers, new books and resources, new technology, Brand new gym complete with state of the art scoreboards and a shot clock (who needs a shot clock in middle school?), new athletic fields, etc, etc. Should I go on? I think Guilford County Schools has done plenty to help out those over at WGMS.

  3. Yes, Tishawn Williams was getting us those names as best he could and Williams did a good job yesterday at Guilford Middle School…So did Zavier Neely and I found two more points on the scoresheet and those were going to C.J. Neely….

    Busy Monday for Middle School basketball in Guilford County and it looks like the Allen Middle School boys are one of those teams to beat…And Guilford Middle is pretty good too…

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