Top Boys and Girls High School Basketball Scorers from Friday/Saturday Night’s Games

Here is a list of the Top Scorers from last night’s high school basketball games that were turned into us, by way of our Game Reports, and here they are with 14 points being the dropping off point, for both the Girls and Boys this week…If you have or know of other top scorers from the Friday night games, we can add them in, as long as we can verify the numbers…

List of Top Scorers from Friday night’s games:
27:Hannah Light(Community Baptist School)
23:Raven Preston(Southeast Guilford HS)
21:Emily Hege(North Davidson HS)
19:Kennedi Simmons(Southeast Guilford HS)
19:Kristen Roberts(Southeast Guilford HS)
19:Janelle Henderson(Northern Guilford HS) from Saturday
18:Kyra Rhymer(Dudley HS)
17:Courtney McMillan(North Davidson HS)….
(McMillan also had 17 rebounds to go along with her 17 points last night, and felt like we ought to add that in.)
16:Reagan Kargo(Northwest Guilford HS)
16:Kaylee Shaffner(Community Baptist School)
15:Hayley Blackwell(Greensboro Day School)
14:Alaila Kreuter(Page HS)

Boys List of Top Scorers from Friday night’s games:
37:Themus Fulks(North Davidson HS)
34:Carson Lomax(Northern Guilford HS)
33:Ahmil Flowers(Grimsley HS)….Confirmed/Verified
33:Carson McCorkle(Greensboro Day) on Saturday for Greensboro Day
31:Tyler Dearman(Southern Guilford HS)
31:Themus Fulks(North Davidson HS) on Saturday for North Davidson
24:Nicholas Evtimov(Greensboro Day) on Saturday for Greensboro Day
24:Abwok-Deing(High Point Central)
23:Khaliq McCummings(East Forsyth HS)
22:Carson McCorkle(Greensboro Day School)
21:Christian Hampton(Northwest Guilford HS)
21:Silas Mason(Smith HS) on Saturday for Ben L. Smith
21:Dashaun Ballard(Page HS) from Saturday game…
20:Jimmy Cooper(Southern Guilford HS)
18:Lars Nilson(Southeast Guilford HS)
18:Jaden Ellis(Page HS) from Saturday game…
16:Jaden Ellis(Page HS)
16:Dean Reiber(Northwest Guilford HS)
17:Landon Moore(North Davidson HS)
15:Savon Brintley(East Forsyth HS)
15:Christian Martin(Southwest Guilford HS) on Saturday for Southwest Guilford HS
15:Jayden Turner(Southwest Guilford HS)
15:A. Whitley(Northern Guilford HS)
14:Cameron Thompson(Southwest Guilford HS)
14:Kamell Smith(Eastern Guilford HS)
14:Ronan Martinek-Jenne(Grimsley HS) from Saturday for Grimsley
14:Luke Jenkins 14(Grimsley HS) from Saturday for Grimsley
14:Nick Evtimov(Greensboro Day School)
14:Jamarien Dalton(North Davidson HS)


  1. Yes, he had 28 back earlier in the week, and I wish I would have gotten their box score from last night…

    Thanks and where has Devin Resper been lately…I did not see his name in the box score the other evening…


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