Middle School Basketball Finals for (2/7/19):These Middle School games are getting Wilder every week(Tonight, Kernodle boys over SEG in OT, 43-40)/Penn-Griffin boys now (12-0)/Swann over WG in OT/Allen tops Eastern in OT and Allen now (12-1)

Hopefully more scores coming our way, but what about that game with Southeast Guilford Middle at Kernodle?????
*****Penn Griffin girls beat Hairston 41-23 Damani Whitehead scores 34 points.*****
Penn Griffin boys beat Hairston Middle 53-30….PG(12-0)
Swann boys over Western Guilford Middle 50-47 Overtime……WG(10-3)
The Academy at Lincoln boys 39, Welborn Middle 31
Western Guilford Middle School girls over Swann Middle School girls 50-28 Raniyah Hocutt 32 pts, 20 rebs, 3 blocks.
Northwest Guilford Middle School boys 55, Northern Guilford Middle School 46…NG(9-4)
Allen Middle boys 41, Eastern Middle 40 Overtime…Allen(12-1)
Southwest Middle boys 38, Jamestown Middle School 20…JMS(9-4)

One of the wildest games we have seen this season on any level, as the Kernodle Cougar boys topped the Southeast Guilford Middle School Falcons, 43-40 in OT and this one went down to the wire and it was a WILD ride there at the end of the game…

Whitfield hit two free throws at the end to clinch the game for Kernodle and SEG had their chances in OT, they just came up short on some of their free tosses…Final in regulation, Kernodle 37, SEG 37…End of the 3rd Quarter:SEG 28, Kernodle 23…Halftime:SEG 17, Kernodle 14…End of 1s Q:Kernodle 6, SEG 5…

Kernodle led by Whitfield with 13 points and those key free throws at the end of OT…Williams had 12 points, Godfrey had 10 points and he hit some big buckets late in regulation, Boris had 7 point for Kernodle and Johnson had 3…

AJ Hall with 11 points for SEG, Rashad Carter had 9, Mark Caldwell had 8, Curry had 5, Matt Caldwell had 2 points and Amari Austin had 1 point..

More on this boys game coming up and we are looking for more scores…Anybody got a game as tight as this one???

*****Girls final today:*****
Southeast Guilford Middle 47, Kernodle 24…End of 1st Q:SEG 18, Kernodle 4…Halftime:SEG 26, SEG 18, Kernodle 10…End of 3rd Q:SEG 37, SEG 18, Kernodle 14…

We had Mykensie Harris with 19 points for SEG…Malaiah Preston with 9, Natalie McMillan with 6, Sanai Johnson with 4, Zoe Davis with 2, Hallie Deal with 2, Mackenzie Stanley with 2, Delana Collins with 2, Saniya McCalop with 2, Nicole Layton with 2, Schwamberger with 2, and Kaley Suddreth with 1 for SEG…
*****Harris is one of those Top Ten Players in Guilford County…*****

Kernodle Scoring:Ella Butler with 12 points, Emma Cross with 8 points, #50 with 3 points, and Toni Nolan with 1 point for Kernodle…Dominating win by SEG today and SEG is one of the best girls teams that we have seen this season….

Check out the video we shot at the boys game down the stretch…
Click Below…Start CLICKING those videos below and they will tell you the story of the Kernodle-SEG boy’s basketball game…….

Click Below for the shot that tied the game and sent it into OT….A two by Kernodle, after SEG had just hit a three to go up 37-35 and the Kernodle two tied the game at 37-37 and that score took the game into Overtime, and keep on Clicking for the OT action…

***************Keep CLICKING those videos and they will tell you the story of the SEG-Kernodle boy’s basketball game…************


  1. swann boys over western guilford middle 50-47 it went into overtime.
    There starters fought the whole game keeping the same energy throughout,while being leaded by #2 Dj workman who put up 16 points i believe.

  2. Be sure to check out our scores and the videos, with some WILD and crazy Middle School games…The kids really showed out today….

  3. Western Guilford Middle School girls over Swann Middle School girls 50-28 Raniyah Hocutt 32 pts, 20 rebs, 3 blocks.

  4. As a fan I enjoyed watching Khaleb Whitfield play, he is a great passer and pure point guard! He hit some BIG shots in overtime including the game winning feee throws! He has a bright future, remember his name!

  5. Thanks for the article on the SEMS girls. Also, thank you for considering Mykensie Harris as one of the top 10 middle school girls in the county. She really works hard on and off the court. (She actually made 18 points and her name was spelled wrong but we know who you were speaking of) 🙂 Thanks for capturing the game. The SEMS girls really work hard and play well together. They are a GREAT group of girls!

  6. Yes on those names we try to get all we can from the scorebook and with a Mykensie, McKensie and and a MacKensie and a few others they can get interesting…

    The younger Preston sister is another player to keep an eye and ear on…Her older sister Raven has done a great job for the SEG varsity girls team this season..

  7. The Harris kid is very solid on her free throws too, and if I remember right she is left-handed…She is very advanced in her free throw work and if she stays focused up at that line, like she is now, she will be able to cash in on some great scoring opportunities…Late in the game when the other team has to foul, they usually find the guards first, since they are out front and handling the ball…

  8. Andy, you are correct the spellings are very confusing and we have 2 on the team! Mykensie is actually right- handed but shoots with the left. She loves being in the gym and has great coaches and trainers who work with her. I will make sure I share the article with her. Yes, Maliah Preston is also a great player and all around athlete!They all have grown and played well over the years and continue to do great things!

  9. Penn-Griffin Boys played against Hairston Middle and Penn Griffin won 53/30 Woodrow Jackson 19 Points he is a young man to watch out for

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