Middle School Basketball Today(2/7/19) in Guilford County:”Thursday in the Middle”

Today’s lineup for Middle School Basketball in Guilford County….

Eastern Guilford Middle at Allen Middle Girls at 4:45/Boys 6pm…Allen boys(11-1)
Northeast Guilford Middle at Jackson Middle Girls at 4:45/Boys 6pm
Northern Guilford Middle at Northwest Guilford Middle Girls at 4:45/Boys at 6pm…NG boys(9-3)
Southeast Guilford Middle at Kernodle Girls at 4:45/Boys 6pm
Jamestown Middle at Southwest Guilford Girls at 4:45/Boys 6pm…JMS boys(9-3)
**********JMS injury update:The young injured in last week’s JMS game at Northwest Guilford was, Hamid Sesay….He had to have foot surgery but is doing well. He came out and supported the JMS team Monday night….Let’s it hear for Hamid Sesay and we wish him a speedy recovery…..**********
Western Guilford Middle at Swann Middle Girls at 4:45/Boys 6pm…WG boys(10-2)
Hairston Middle at Penn-Griffin Girls at 4:45/Boys 6pm…PG boys(11-0)

Southern Guilford-OFF
Allen Jay Prep-OFF
The Academy at Lincoln-OFF


  1. swann middle school over western guilford middle 50-47
    not sure on player names but high action and scoring from swann starters

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