NCHSAA 2019 Individual Wrestling Championships 3A First Round

GREENSBORO, NC – The North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) held the 2019 Individual Wrestling Championships at the Greensboro Coliseum on Thursday, February 14, 2019. The 3A First Round Results can be found below. The 3A Wrestlers will be back on the mats tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. for the First Consolation Round followed by the Championship Quarterfinals at 11:00 a.m.

2019 NCHSAA 3A Individual Wrestling Tournament First Round
First Round Results
106 Pound Division
William Cottingham (North Gaston, 37-7) won by fall over Cody Rutherford (Havelock, 34-16) (Fall 2:33)
Marcus Jackson (Central Cabarrus, 50-4) won by fall over Jabrial Crudup (Douglas Byrd, 26-11) (Fall 1:14)
Ben Baker (Topsail, 39-2) won by major decision over Koby Rikard (Kings Mountain, 45-6) (MD 10-2)
Zac Brim (Southwestern Randolph, 38-2) won by decision over Jalen Mills (Northern Durham, 27-13) (Dec 7-1)
Jake Cauble (Piedmont, 47-9) won by fall over Lucas Daley (Chapel Hill, 26-12) (Fall 2:34)
Jahmez Settles (Fike, 22-3) won by decision over Lazaro Vasquez (North Henderson, 28-6) (Dec 8-4)
Dylan Muir (Southeast Guilford, 42-7) won by decision over Ethan Lopez (Southwest Guilford, 29-17) (Dec 9-3)
Noah Johns (Clayton, 30-5) won by forfeit over Samuel Klepac (A.C. Reynolds, 31-9) (For.)

113 Pound Division
Thomas Capul (Marvin Ridge, 34-3) won by decision over Tanner Glock (Sun Valley, 26-8) (Dec 7-4)
Sam Johnson (West Carteret, 44-9) won by decision over Kessel Summers (Orange, 37-13) (Dec 11-9)
Tripp Collins (Piedmont, 56-3) won by forfeit over Zack Karagias (Cramer, 37-6) (For.)
Ethan Lenyszyn (D.H. Conley, 46-2) won by decision over Elan Mitchell (Southeast Guilford, 37-13) (Dec 8-7)
David Jacob (Rocky Mount, 36-6) won by decision over Shyheem Davis (Southern Durham, 14-7) (Dec 6-4)
Nate Burrage (East Rowan, 43-10) won by forfeit over Kyle Randal (North Henderson, 23-7) (For.)
Diego Jimenez (Person, 29-5) won by fall over Johnathon Salazar (Southern Nash, 29-13) (Fall 3:53)
Joshua Vega (Carson, 31-7) won by major decision over Jovanny Urzua (St. Stephens, 48-8) (MD 14-3)

120 Pound Division
Gavin McKendrick (West Johnston, 50-3) won by tech fall over Noah Kiser (Central Cabarrus, 41-11) (TF-1.5 5:40 (22-7))
Fred Lewis (Western Harnett, 41-3) won by fall over Tariq Shuford (St. Stephens, 28-15) (Fall 2:50)
Bailey Wicker (Piedmont, 40-9) won by fall over Canon Barrett (C.B. Aycock, 34-18) (Fall 4:23)
Gavin Wiggins (Orange, 24-7) won by decision over Jacob Yim (Marvin Ridge, 25-6) (Dec 8-5)
Carson Smith (Southeast Guilford, 47-1) won by fall over Chase S. Treadway (Alexander Central, 36-14) (Fall 1:54)
Connor Goodman (Robinson, 38-11) won by decision over Nathan Bray (Topsail, 25-6) (Dec 8-6)
Corbin Dion (Enka, 40-9) won by major decision over Pierre Young (Terry Sanford, 28-9) (MD 14-3)
Stephon Goodwin (North Forsyth, 43-6) won by forfeit over Nate Lucio (Havelock, 38-13) (For.)

126 Pound Division
Graham Ormand (St. Stephens, 51-4) won by fall over Jackson Desaulniers (Cleveland, 40-11) (Fall 3:08)
Nathan Huntley (Piedmont, 49-11) won by fall over Marcus Delarosa (Northern Durham, 31-10) (Fall 2:43)
Ethan Rivenbark (Topsail, 41-4) won by decision over Kross May (Ashbrook, 23-14) (Dec 6-4)
Triston Chapman (Cape Fear, 40-6) won by decision over Max Benfield (Northern Guilford, 31-14) (Dec 3-2)
Caleb Smith (Southwest Guilford, 45-2) won by tech fall over Aaron Faison (Union Pines, 43-17) (TF-1.5 6:00 (17-1))
Naiyiem Kelly (Northside-Jacksonville, 20-6) won by decision over Holden Cotzin (Erwin, 31-11) (Dec 4-3)
Josh Wilson (Southeast Guilford, 47-3) won by tech fall over Luke Masterton (Central Cabarrus, 40-6) (TF-1.5 4:08 (19-4))
Aden Smith (Forestview, 45-4) won by decision over Ryan Schroer (West Johnston, 52-8) (Dec 4-0)

132 Pound Division
Grant Kahlenberg (Cuthbertson, 30-8) won in sudden victory – 1 over Jared Santiago (West Henderson, 15-2) (SV-1 9-4)
Will Lewis (Western Harnett, 41-4) won by fall over Tyler Kent (West Carteret, 44-7) (Fall 2:45)
Heath Gonyer (Northern Guilford, 41-1) won by decision over Hugh Himan (T.C. Roberson, 43-11) (Dec 6-0)
Darius McLeod (Cedar Ridge, 34-10) won in sudden victory – 1 over Zach Winterstein (Clayton, 35-8) (SV-1 7-5)
Phifer Ozimek (J.H. Rose, 36-4) won by decision over Lydell Canady (Westover, 35-5) (Dec 11-6)
Jordan McKinney (Northwest Cabarrus, 35-5) won by tech fall over Dayvion Downs (Kings Mountain, 40-3) (TF-1.5 4:00 (15-0))
Turner Garrison (Southeast Guilford, 47-7) won by fall over Gavin Fitzgarrald (Swansboro, 41-13) (Fall 1:51)
Josh Blatt (Piedmont, 43-2) won by fall over Ethan Stroud (Ashbrook, 37-7) (Fall 4:31)

138 Pound Division
Hunter Campbell (North Brunswick, 42-7) won by major decision over Ryan Tezzi (Sun Valley, 23-8) (MD 13-3)
Rocco Deangelo (Southern Alamance, 41-6) won by decision over Tyler Morgan (A.C. Reynolds, 33-10) (Dec 6-0)
Colby Funderburk (Piedmont, 39-3) won by major decision over Omar Tucker (C.B. Aycock, 26-14) (MD 16-5)
Joshua Feliz (North Henderson, 41-5) won by decision over Jack Taylor (Western Harnett, 39-6) (Dec 9-4)
Dallas Wilson (Cape Fear, 43-0) won by fall over Willie Howard (Enka, 39-13) (Fall 2:24)
Drew Sisk (J.H. Rose, 32-6) won by decision over Conner Davis (Cox Mill, 22-5) (Dec 5-2)
Blake Baker (St. Stephens, 54-3) won by fall over Kyle Webb (Morehead, 35-9) (Fall 3:45)
Kevin Arango (Southwest Guilford, 39-7) won by fall over Logan Jones (Clayton, 28-18) (Fall 3:13)

145 Pound Division
Spencer Leonhardt (Freedom, 40-1) won by major decision over Vincent Page (Fike, 36-10) (MD 12-3)
Jeremiah Smith (Cape Fear, 40-9) won by tech fall over Wyatt Hopkins (Sun Valley, 35-12) (TF-1.5 4:20 (25-6))
William Willis (West Carteret, 49-3) won by decision over Patrick Mahaffey (North Iredell, 38-8) (Dec 8-5)
Reuben Dunbar (Northern Durham, 32-9) won by fall over Jeremiah Jackson (Mount Tabor, 21-5) (Fall 0:55)
Khamani Holmes (Western Harnett, 41-5) won by fall over Oren Bost (East Rowan, 47-4) (Fall 5:40)
Devin Bumgarner (West Caldwell, 40-8) won by fall over William Germann (Franklinton, 34-6) (Fall 3:22)
Levi Anderson (Orange, 47-3) won by fall over Kristian Jones (Dudley, 21-8) (Fall 0:32)
Yoel Del Rio (North Brunswick, 33-5) won by decision over Stephen Baynard (West Henderson, 42-5) (Dec 7-1)

152 Pound Division
Ivan Vergel (St. Stephens, 57-2) won by decision over Luke Swinson (Northwest Cabarrus, 27-13) (Dec 14-8)
River Carroll (Swansboro, 43-7) won by decision over Laye Conneh (Eastern Guilford, 29-9) (Dec 11-4)
Chandler Jordan (North Iredell, 47-6) won by decision over Jaquan Russell (A.L. Brown, 36-9) (Dec 12-9)
Jonathan Ross (Union Pines, 51-5) won by decision over Sean Panas (North Brunswick, 35-7) (Dec 8-6)
Tyler Hughes (C.B. Aycock, 53-3) won by decision over Zachary Pranka (Terry Sanford, 25-11) (Dec 11-6)
Freddy Guardiola (West Caldwell, 42-8) won by fall over Colby Locklear (Piedmont, 46-16) (Fall 1:26)
Donald Cates (Northern Durham, 25-1) won by tech fall over Bender Sanderson (South Brunswick, 40-8) (TF-1.5 5:22 (19-4))
Luis Mena (Asheboro, 45-4) won by decision over Jose Rodriguez (North Henderson, 22-4) (Dec 10-5)

160 Pound Division
Aaron Bancroft (Fike, 49-1) won by tech fall over Terrell Dixon (Southwest Guilford, 19-13) (TF-1.5 3:20 (16-1))
Tyler Horton (Morehead, 35-9) won by decision over Auden Brennan (West Henderson, 35-6) (Dec 5-4)
Denton Dicarlo (Weddington, 44-4) won by major decision over Alejandro Figueroa (Cleveland, 38-12) (MD 19-5)
Steven Watson (Eastern Alamance, 37-7) won by disqualification over Desmond Hope (Huss, 30-6) (DQ)
Elijah Martin (Union Pines, 60-1) won by fall over Garrett Pugh (Enka, 35-11) (Fall 3:32)
Benjamin Hornyak (Franklinton, 35-3) won by injury default over Jordan Castro (Southwestern Randolph, 20-9) (Inj. 2:38)
Kameron Miller (Forestview, 48-1) won by major decision over Jalen Keith (Gray`s Creek, 29-9) (MD 12-3)
Stephan Deutsch (East Rowan, 39-6) won by decision over Trevon Hatch (Rocky Mount, 32-9) (Dec 5-1)

170 Pound Division
Morgan King (North Henderson, 43-9) won by fall over Troy Weaver (D.H. Conley, 44-17) (Fall 1:16)
Caleb Kimpler (Union Pines, 45-5) won by fall over Tayron Frost (East Rowan, 26-9) (Fall 4:48)
Eli Vassey (Enka, 42-11) won by decision over Jake Reynolds (West Carteret, 44-4) (Dec 3-2)
Charles White (Morehead, 33-10) won by fall over Matthew Muse (Mount Tabor, 30-7) (Fall 3:56)
Avery Jenkins (Orange, 39-9) won by major decision over Sam Voncannon (Asheboro, 49-4) (MD 11-2)
Easton Griffin (West Caldwell, 46-2) won by fall over Romello Cowan (Triton, 24-13) (Fall 0:47)
Jared Barbour (Cape Fear, 42-2) won by tech fall over Owen Elwonger (Northern Guilford, 25-13) (TF-1.5 3:37 (19-4))
Kurt Hayes (Charlotte Catholic, 31-4) won by fall over Devon Bell (Topsail, 42-5) (Fall 3:14)

182 Pound Division
Anthony Johnson (T.C. Roberson, 43-0) won by fall over Jack Wilton (Sun Valley, 24-5) (Fall 1:25)
Bryan Aragao (North Brunswick, 39-4) won by major decision over Chandler Harward (Orange, 29-11) (MD 13-1)
Mason Ingram (A.L. Brown, 44-6) won by fall over Brad Moore (Crest, 39-8) (Fall 2:34)
Joseph Speight (Fike, 48-5) won by decision over Kevin Pate (Cape Fear, 37-12) (Dec 9-3)
Micah Dixon (West Carteret, 49-1) won by fall over Isaiah Manning (Eastern Guilford, 20-13) (Fall 2:32)
Triston Norris (North Henderson, 42-10) won by decision over Thomas Larison (Cuthbertson, 29-9) (Dec 10-4)
Max Steele (Southeast Guilford, 20-3) won by decision over Triston Gee (Swansboro, 36-13) (Dec 5-1)
Joe Zovistoski (Weddington, 34-2) won by decision over Dakota Metcalf (St. Stephens, 23-2) (Dec 4-3)

195 Pound Division
Sae`vyon McCray (West Brunswick, 35-2) won by fall over Cody Hardy (Parkwood, 34-13) (Fall 2:59)
Jeremiah Musser (West Henderson, 41-9) won by fall over Austin Hunt (Cape Fear, 23-11) (Fall 3:43)
Charles Swiggett (Western Guilford, 33-3) won by fall over Turner Bass (C.B. Aycock, 35-18) (Fall 3:16)
Michael Flowers (Union Pines, 39-13) won by decision over Max Wells (T.C. Roberson, 42-9) (Dec 5-4)
Christian Robles (North Henderson, 36-11) won by decision over Arden Billington (Douglas Byrd, 34-7) (Dec 5-3)
Carlos Meza (North Brunswick, 45-8) won by decision over Brandon Gillespie (Cox Mill, 16-3) (Dec 10-6)
Salvador Gilvaja (St. Stephens, 57-3) won by fall over Zachary Baumann (Morehead, 28-14) (Fall 1:12)
Baiden Suddarth (West Rowan, 32-7) won by fall over Amari Williams (Clayton, 29-16) (Fall 4:43)

220 Pound Division
Jacob Allison (North Henderson, 32-9) won by fall over Manuel Jaurequi (West Carteret, 29-12) (Fall 3:07)
Javon Robinson (Monroe, 30-4) won by fall over Tony Tyndal (Gray`s Creek, 26-12) (Fall 3:22)
Michael Rogers (Franklinton, 32-1) won by fall over Ethan Moss (North Gaston, 39-11) (Fall 3:57)
Ray Dixon (Douglas Byrd, 39-2) won by decision over Jacob Barlow (Northern Guilford, 32-7) (Dec 6-4)
Michael Smith (Asheboro, 44-2) won by fall over Xavier McGhee (Southern Durham, 30-9) (Fall 5:01)
Nick Harris (Ashbrook, 32-7) won by decision over Reed Chandler (D.H. Conley, 24-10) (Dec 6-4)
Nick Minacapelli (Cape Fear, 29-4) won by fall over Jake Wallace (Weddington, 25-8) (Fall 1:57)
Trey Wilson (Enka, 39-4) won by fall over Tyre Cameron (Triton, 27-5) (Fall 3:04)

285 Pound Division
Antwon McClee (Ashbrook, 41-0) won by fall over Jeff Meendering (Cox Mill, 16-5) (Fall 0:45)
Rodney Harris (Hillside, 21-3) won by fall over Atila Dalmasi (New Hanover, 27-4) (Fall 2:54)
John Oxce (Southwest Guilford, 33-4) won by fall over Jason Shuford (Statesville, 16-4) (Fall 0:40)
Garrett Crockett (Gray`s Creek, 31-9) won by decision over Saulo Rodriguez (Fike, 38-11) (Dec 8-6)
Michael Carvin (Triton, 38-3) won by fall over Cullen Macdonough (Lee County, 13-10) (Fall 1:23)
Isaac Chapman (Alexander Central, 28-2) won by decision over Jeffrey Duncan (McMichael, 25-9) (Dec 3-1)
Johnathan King (Southeast Guilford, 22-0) won by fall over Brandon Vaught (South Brunswick, 39-11) (Fall 2:54)
Joshua Simmons (T.C. Roberson, 42-12) won by fall over Jacob Eaton (Mount Tabor, 19-3) (Fall 3:17)