‘The Undertaker’ underpaid???:I don’t think so, he is charging $25,000 per hour for public appearances

Here are some of the headlines that have come out since ‘The Undertaker’/Mark Calloway started charging $25,000 per hour for non-WWE appearances….
(They call him the “Dead Man” and one thing is for certain, his bank account is certainly not dead.)

Those Headlines:
Undertaker Charging $25,000 Per Hour For Non-WWE Appearances


The Undertaker Charging Insane Amount for Public Appearances

Undertaker is charging $25,000 an hour for signings in the United States

The Undertaker Charging $25,000 Per Hour For Booking Rate
and the list goes on…..

the breakdown from InsidePulse.com…(Credits:www.wrestlinginc.com/www.insidepulse.com/www.wrestlingobserver.com)

Wrestling Inc. reports on the demands Undertaker is making for his upcoming non-WWE appearances.

“The Dead Man is charging $25,000 per hour for appearances within the United States, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and one person who has attempted to book him. Taker won’t be accepting regular bookings until the summer.

As noted, Taker removed WWE references from social media this week and replaced them with an e-mail link for business opportunities & bookings. His three-night UK tour with Inside The Ropes set for this spring has been sold out and he has a UK convention appearance scheduled for that same week.”

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that The Undertaker is making $25,000 an hour for signings in the United States. This means that he is making $416.66 a minute. Those last three numbers were not fabricated to represent Big Evil, that’s just the math.