The Original 8th grade All-Star Game coming to Ben L. Smith High School on Saturday March 16

The Original 8th grade All-Star Game
(Courtesy of the Veritas Sports Academy)

Veritas Sports Academy is hosting the 8th Annual Middle School
All-Star Showcase to benefit standout 8th grade Boys and Girls
Basketball players in Guilford County. This event will be held
Saturday, March 16, 2019 at Ben E. Smith High School.

Student-athletes are nominated by opposing coaches who felt they
were game changers when they competed against one another this season.
The talent level in Guilford County Middle Schools is extraordinary.
The goal of this annual event is to bring increased recognition to
student-athletes at this age level to encourage them to stay the
course and pursue the dreams of their choice.

Veritas Sports Academy is a not-for-profit ministry that highlights
student-athletes by encouraging them to pursue their God-given
destiny. We council student-athletes on how to be successful in life,
family, school and sports.
We look forward to seeing you!

-Alan Hooker


  1. Let the annual bitching about the rosters for the eighth-grade basketball all-star games begin!

  2. We have sent that message/question to the staff and are waiting for word back….

  3. I think the details will coming out on probably Thursday or Friday of this week????

    Just being curious, who are some of your locks and the schools that they are from?????

  4. I like Woodrow Jackson,kobe George,Corben Clinton from Penn Griffin and J’quan Bethea from Southwest middle

  5. We’ve been waiting for this for a long time. We always have heard great things about Mr Hooker’s event and how the kids always love it and remember it down the road.

  6. We have been waiting for this for a long time. We have always gone to the games and we heard how Mr Hooker’s events impact the kids and they remember even to this day.

  7. Are Kobe Parker from Jamestown Middle, Kobe George from Penn-Griffin, Woodrow Jackson from PG, the Harris kid from SEG on the girls side, and Damani from PG on the girls side just a few of the locks?????

  8. Great kids at Welborn Middle, Southwest Middle, Penn Griffin, Allen Jay Prep Middle, Ferndale and Kiser.

  9. Spoke to Alan Hooker today and they are working on getting the Rosters ready….We will have early access and get them up here on arrival to our E-mail box….

  10. Last year’s Rosters/2018 and a bunch of these kids were playing for their high schools’ varsity basketball teams this past season and a few, are still playing….

    Boy’s Rosters
    Chance Lawson- Allen
    Javon Brown- Hairston
    Tyler Albright- Kiser….Played for Grimsley varsity
    Travis Shaw – Kiser…Played for Grimsley varsity
    Jackson Noble – Kiser….Now at GDS
    Jaylin Richmond- Lincoln
    Steven Butler- Mendenhall
    Josh Scovens- Southeast
    Antoine Shaw- Swann
    Jayden Watlington-Swann Middle…Played for Grimsley varsity

    Brandon Poteat- Allen Jay Prep
    Aaron Fant – Jamestown
    Jah Saigo- Jamestown
    Andrew Siler- Jamestown…Played for Ragsdale varsity
    Dice Royster- Kernodle…Now playing at Wesleyan Christian Academy
    Emmanuel ‘Manny’ Elliot – Northern
    Jackson Helms – Northern…Played for Northern Guilford varsity
    Jack Hughes – Northwest
    Drew Watkins – Northwest
    Zymir German – Southern….Played for Southern Guilford varsity

    Girl’s Rosters
    Grace Gilbert- Kiser
    Destione Tisdale- Kiser…Started for the Grimsley varsity
    Sydney Roberts – Lincoln….Starting for SEG varsity
    Kelcey Barrow – Lincoln
    Tianna Mayo – Lincoln
    Raven Preston – Southeast
    Anayah Underwood – Southeast
    Jessica Hopkins – Southeast…Playing for SEG varsity
    Melanie Nebitsie-Livingston–Swann…Played for Dudley Panthers
    Zahara Howie – Swann

    Ava Vowles – Kernodle
    Christian Atwater- Jamestown
    Victoria Boddie – Jamestown
    Brooke Magnussen – Northern
    J. Newsome – Northern
    Brooke Anthony – Northwest…Played for NWG
    Hannah Parker- Northwest….Played for NWG
    Meghan Howell –Penn Griffin
    Jayah Shannon- Ferndale
    Aja Hairston – Southwest

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