Big News on a “Big Man”:Former WWE/WWF wrestler King Kong Bundy has passed away at age 61(Could have been the brother-in-law of Al Bundy from Married With Children)

“Big King Kong” Bundy gone at age 61 and I remember him best from being in the back of those Toyotas, in those Toyota truck commercials and I hear they sold a lot of those trucks, with that “King-Size” Toyota truck bed, that even King Kong Bundy could fit into….

King Kong Bundy, he must have weighed close to 400 pounds in real pounds, and we all know ‘wrestling pounds’ can be different from real pounds, but this guy, this guy King Kong Bundy was big and I didn’t know this until today, King Kong Bundy made appearances on the Married With Children television show and his last name for his wrestling career, Bundy, was the inspiration for the family-name Bundy, on the Married With Children show, and that would have made King Kong Bundy, Al Bundy’s brother-in-law and Peg Bundy’s brother…..

Crazy the things we are not really aware of, until moments like these…These are the moments, and this is the time to say goodbye to King Kong Bundy….

RIP:King Kong Bundy(Chris Pallies) and as it turns out as we say RIP, KKB(King Kong Bundy) was a VIP…..

from Sean Radican at Wrestling Torch
King Kong Bundy (Chris Pallies) passed away this past Sunday at the age of 61. There has been no information made available on the reason for his death at this time. Bundy was best known as a main event villain in WWE. He debuted in the company in 1985 and was pushed into a main event program against Hulk Hogan that peaked with Bundy facing Hogan for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 2 in 1986.

Bundy was also known for his acting roles. He was the inspiration behind the name for the Bundy family on Married…With Children. He made several appearances on the show as the brother of Peggy Bundy. He also appeared in a small role in the Richard Pryor movie Moving.

Bundy was recently part of a lawsuit brought against WWE in 2016 that alleged the company hadn’t taken care of their performers properly when it came to neurological and concussion-based injures. The case was eventually dismissed by the U.S. District Court of Connecticut.

WWE issued a statement on Twitter confirming Bundy’s passing:

WWE is saddened to learn that King Kong Bundy has passed away. …