Former Triad Radio man(WMAG) and PM Magazine host Rod Davis hanging on over at High Point Regional Hospital(He was quite the basketball man, back in his day)

Rod Davis was a very good basketball player back in his day and he used to play down at Manteo High School, if the numbers that I have seen are correct…

He was close to playing for Page HS, but not sure if he ever suited up for the Pirates, but we heard he went through tryouts and was ready to be the starting center for Page, standing at around 6’7/6’8 in height…..

Rod was been all over the Triad radio dial and he was also one of the hosts of WFMY TV 2’s PM Magazine Show back in the day….

Rod was/is tall(around 6’7 in his prime) and he could play inside on the basketball courts and he could play mic-side at lot of radio stations over the years…..

Locally he has been at WKZL, WMAG, 98.7 KISS Country, 100.3 WHISTLE 100 Country, Back to WMAG, out of radio and then back to WMAG 99.5….That was some kind of show back in the day on WMAG with Rod Davis and Laura Songster in the mornings from 5-9am….Rod also ran the afternoon drive slot for a good while on MAGIC radio, back when Dick Harlow was the boss….

Rod also was a pro wrestling fan and used to announce a few matches down at Riders in the Country back in the day…

Rod Davis hanging on in the ICU/Intensive Care Unit at High Point Regional Hospital….

Here’s hoping Rod Davis will pull through…..


  1. I used to love “Rock & Roll Dice” on WKZL. He was the evening DJ back in the late 70s. He would roll the dice and play that many songs from the same artist/group.

  2. He also had a pretty good Saturday Night Oldies Show he did on MAGIC 99.5, back in the day, along with Bob Dayton….

    The Rod Davis Show came on right before Mike Harvey and his Saturday Night Gold Show….

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