Reggie Davis(Lynchburg University/Northwest Guilford HS) on his Mom’s battle with Cancer and this video is very Inspirational:Give it a View

This is good stuff worth watching…Very inspirational and what Reggie Davis has done here is almost like a work of art….Well produced video and very relaxing and peaceful to hear Reggie(Northwest Guilford High School/Lynchburg University) talk about his mom’s battle with cancer and how he has been there with his mom during her fight….

Good stuff and worth your time…..Check out this video when you CLICK HERE

Nice work on the part of Reggie Davis and the people who produced this video up in Lynchburg, Virginia somewhere beyond the Texas Inn Chili, and just off of Lakeside Drive….Probably spent a few late nights at the Ground Round, laying out the groundwork for this fine production…..

Good job Reggie Davis….Reggie Davis, current sophomore basketball player for the Lynchburg University Hornets…