D.J. Reader/David Reader Jr. former Grimsley Whirlies’ football, basketball and baseball player and collegiate football player for the Clemson Tigers and now nose tackle for the Houston Texans, Well D.J. is also now a professional steer-roper/cowboy

Check out D.J. Reader, the Grimsley Whirlies’ football player in the Fall, center on basketball team in the Winter, and third baseman, pitcher, first baseman for the baseball team in the Spring and then it was on to Clemson, where he played in the NCAA Football National Championship Game, and now he has settled in as #98, the starting nose tackle, for the Houston Texans in the NFL…

Well did you know that he is also a Texas cowboy and a professional steer-roper in training??? Check D.J., all decked out in his cowboy hat and training for his steer-roping when you CLICK HERE….This in one of your better videos of the day…..Again, CLICK HERE and you are there, on your way to a career in steer-roping, with D.J. Reader, as your teacher/instructor…..

*****This video will be frame #2 on D.J.’s Twitter page.*****