Grimsley’s Ethan Albright takes over as Whirlies’ full-time Athletic Director

The interim tag has been removed and the word from the Grimsley Whirlies twitter site says today:
Ethan Albright takes over as Grimsley AD…..

Albright has been overseeing the Whirlie athletic program since Lewis Newman stepped away from the director of athletics post at Grimsley back on February 8…Just two weeks prior to that February 8 date, Ethan Albright had joined the Grimsley High School staff as the Whirlies’ assistant athletic director…

Albright has been a fixture of sorts at the Grimsley campus going back to the days when he played football, basketball and baseball for the Whirlies…He played football there for Jeff Smouse, might have gone basketball for Phil Weaver, if Phil was still with the Whirlie men back in the mid-80’s and could have been a baseball soldier for Raymond Johnson….

Ethan Albright, at 6’7 was the top athlete on the Grimsley campus back in his high school days and when it came time for the East-West All-Stars games, he went with the basketball over the football…..Last high school game of basketball he ever played and then it was on to UNC for football and he went to Chapel Hill as a tight end, converted to an offensive lineman and took on the role of an offensive tackle and also picked up on the long-snapping duties and he took/made quite a few snaps over Fritz Hesenthaler, who was also at UNC and came there from New Jersey to snap for the Tar Heels, but when Ethan was around it was to get the ball out of his hands and Coach Hesenthaler, former head football coach at Southeast Guilford High School and now the head man at Southern Alamance High School for football, he had to wait his turn….

Albright would go on to long-snap right at 15 years in the pros and during his NFL time, he played for teams like the Washington Redskins, the Miami Dolphins, and the Buffalo Bills…

I’m sure Grimsley is glad to have “BIG RED” back on campus full-time and he seems from what we have been seeing over the last couple of months, he seems to really enjoy running things back at his old high school, after being over at Page HS for awhile…

Good job Ethan Albright, you have paid your dues and you have mud on your shoes, and that’s a good thing, because it shows you have your feet to ground and you are on the move…Congrats to Ethan and we know he will do a great job serving the Grimsley Community…..

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