Breaking News:Guy Shavers has stepped down as the head boys basketball coach at Southwest Guilford High School:SWG Cowboys looking for a new coach

Southwest Guilford’s Athletic Department would like to announce that after 14 seasons, Coach Guy Shavers is stepping down as the Head Men’s Basketball Coach. He will continue his role as a teacher in the school’s CTE department.

Coach Shavers has compiled an impressive record of 248 wins and 138 loses with a 65% winning percentage.

Coach Shavers took over the program in 2005 from former Southwest English teacher Russell Nelson coming from NW Guilford HS as an assistant coach for Lee Reavis. After his first five seasons of below .500 mark in wins, Coach Shavers’ leadership turned the program around winning 19 plus games each year beginning in 2010.

During that time, Coach Shavers has won 6 conference championship in the last 9 seasons, 2 Western Region Championships (4A 2017, 3A 2019), and two NCHSAA State Championships (4A 2016-17) with the most recent being the perfect 32-0 record 2019 3A State Championship.

Coach Shavers was named 4A NCHSAA State Coach of the Year in 2017, Piedmont Triad 3A/4A Coach of the Year 4 times and most recently named District 7 Coach of the Year by the NCBCA. He has coached many college bound players highlighted by Terrell Leach (WSSU/Virginia Union), Ben Ferguson (St. Andrews), KJ Langley (Greensboro College), Kameron Langley (NC A&T State), and current SW students Keyshaun and Kobe Langley who both will attend UNCG next fall.

Our school is blessed by the leadership, guidance and positive relationships that Coach Shavers and his staff have built with the SW school community. Prospective candidates for the position can send resumes to the athletic director at SWGHS, Brindon Christman at .

Well breaking news for us any way…Out of the office and the loop for a few hours trying to stir up some sales and a big one just got away…

Former UNCG Spartan Guy Shavers has stepped down, as the boys head basketball coach at Southwest Guilford High School, and now the SWG Cowboys will be in the process of looking for a new boys basketball coach….

There has been a man on the bench the last several seasons, serving under Coach Shavers, and he would make an excellent head coach if interested, and that would be current SWG boys assistant, Greg Vlazny….

Vlazny knows the ropes and he learned them from Guy Shavers, and Guy got his game knowledge from Bob McEvoy over at UNCG, back when Guy was in college playing basketball alongside the UNCG point guard back in those days, Keyford Langley…..

Guy was a women’s assistant coach under Darlene Joyner over at Northwest Guilford and he spent time on the staff at Glenn High School, assisting for coach Robert Fulton and later Coach Lee Reavis, when they were leading the Glenn Bobcats to the 3-A East Regional Finals vs. Dudley, down in Greenville, N.C., back in the day….

Coach Shavers paved the way and built a successful program over at Southwest Guilford and it is kind of like the situation at Duke, SWG would have been a good team without the Langley Twins, but they never would have reached the levels that the Cowboys attained without Keyshaun and Kobe…The were the pillars and the bookends that made the Cowboys Click and that helped them bring home those two State Titles…..

Just like Duke would not be what Duke is today, without the kid out of South Carolina, Zion Williamson…Certain players can help take you to the top of your game….

Coach Shavers did a great job of managing that highly operative SWG program and by letting his men play their games, he allowed them all to excel at their highest levels…Kobe, Keyshaun, Jayden Turner, Joel Pettiford, Christian Martin, Dez Woods when he was still with us, and all of the SWG Cowboys that have been over on “The Ranch”, the past couple of seasons….

Coach Shavers was a genius in a certain way, because he knew how to flip that switch and when it was ON, the Cowboys were gone, and you were not going to come back against them…He will go down as one of the smartest coaches to ever cross the county, because he knew WHEN, when to hit the gas pedal and when to put on the brakes and for the kid’s sake, they did not have to use the brakes too often and that is how the kids loved it…

And boy those Cowboys could throw it down on the run and they had excellent shooting range too..I saw Kobe Langley with some shots last Friday night in an exhibition game over at GDS, and man did that kid has some range and he shoots the pull-up shot, like it is his top toss…

The “Guy Shavers Era” at SWG has come to and end, but now it is time to get a new coach on “The Ranch” and I still say, Greg Vlazny would be a great candidate to follow in the Cowboy boots of Guy Shavers….

Good luck, as he leaves off into the sunset for Coach Shavers, and hasn’t this basketball season been an adventure already, as the coaches are moving faster than the SWG Cowboys in transition, attacking the basket in a 3-on-1 fast break…

New coach at Page, Evan Fancourt…..New coach at Grimsley, back in the fold, Darren Corbett…Needing a new boys coach at Southern Guilford and now needing a new boys coach at Southwest Guilford HS….Busy in-season and now a busy off-season too…May see more changes in the works and I would not be surprised to see a change or two on the girl’s sidelines also…A few of our longer-term girls coaches may be looking for some more spare and free time…..

All we can do now is Play On and Stay Tuned…..


  1. No one knows the TRUE Coach Shavers. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors with him and the way he coaches. Let’s be honest with ourselves, those kids who actually received an offer and are playing at the collegiate level had absolutely NOTHING to do with Shavers. Those kids were known before Shavers was even a thought. Lastly, just because they had a really good winning seasons doesn’t make him go down in history as “the best coach.” Come in sports “fans,” you gotta be smarter.

  2. I think the country music crooner Charlie Rich said it best, “No one knows what goes on behind Closed Doors” and that’s the way it should be…None of my business or any fans business what goes on behind closed doors..

    I’m sure Tom Izzo had taken the paint off a few of those locker room doors and walls at Michigan State over the years and his teams are better for it…

    Not much bad you can say, when a team is (32-0)…All is good when you are eating “The Breakfast of Champions/Cowboys”….

  3. L. Will, thank you!!!!!! People throw around words like “best” and “great” to loose. Shavers is a good guy don’t get me wrong. But there are very very good coaches out there that aren’t fortunate enough to have/get high profile type players. Had he stayed at southwest where he would be in rebuild mode, would he still great if they consecutive down years? Coach for Cox Mill. Same type of situation.

  4. Wow, it’s so amazing how people find pride in trying to steal the joy of others. The devil is always busy and simply can’t find happiness in the success of others. Great job Coach Shavers and don’t let nobody steal your joy. You have plenty to be proud of so please let all negativity fall on deaf ears. Smh….

  5. You can have all the talent in the world and if you don’t know how to use that talent properly you will not have success as a coach….Like we said in our post, Kobe and Keyshaun being at SWG sure made a difference and that can also help make you a better coach, but you still have to know how to use your players correctly….

    Just look at some of those UNC Dean Smith-coached teams from back in the late 60’s, the 70’s and the early 80’s…Up until 1982 Coach Smith had plenty of talent but they couldn’t buy an NCAA Title…Many said Coach Smith was a great coach even though they were not winning any titles…Charlie Scott, Larry Miller, Dick Grubar, Rusty Clark, Walter Davis, Dudley Bradley, Mitch Kupchak, Tommy LaGarde and so many more but still no titles…

    But many said Coach Smith was still a great coach…The Titles do make a difference and they verify as much as you can see in the Real World of basketball….

    Guy Shavers is leaving on a good note and why not, he put his time in and now is a great time to get away for Coach that has earned his keep….

    What I was saying about Coach Smith, the same can be said for Coach John Wooden…If Coach Wooden does not win all of those titles at UCLA, many on the East Coast would have never heard of him….

    Boy those titles make a difference and Coach Shavers has two…

    If Coach Smith never won a title and say Roy Williams has his three UNC NCAA Titles, does that make Coach Roy Williams a better coach than Coach Dean Smith???

    Smith with no titles and Coach Williams with three, Coach Williams is the man you are talking about and Coach Smith is remembered as a great man and a good coach….

    What if Freddy Johnson at Greensboro Day School had his over 1,000 wins and NO State Titles….Not as much talk and he would be remembered differently…Still a very good coach, but boy, ask any coach or team, those
    state titles make big difference…

    The titles make a difference and that is the reality…

    We could get into the same comparison with Super Bowl QB winners vs. non-winning Super Bowl QB’s…Trent Dilfer vs. Dan Marino, now that is getting a little crazy..But say Montana vs. Marino, Bradshaw or Namath vs. Jim Kelly, Len Dawson vs. Fran Tarkenton….

    Good debate, but remember, when a man is on his way out and he has done well, you allow him to go out on his own terms and give him his respect….

    I have not seen it all, but when it comes to sports, I have seen a lot and have not taken many days or plays off…Did have a few bad years, but I overcame that with a good change in attitude and direction….

    Once I got caught up and back on course, I was fine and now ready to go for a few more years, I hope….

  6. If you want to get select on this for high school basketball there have been 3 great coaches…

    In North Carolina and beyond Freddy Johnson:
    The Greensboro Day Boys Basketball Team has won 11 NCISAA 3A State Championships (1989, 1990, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2002, 2006, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019)..

    Steve Smith at Oak Hill:National Coach of the Year four times (1994, 1999, 2004, 2012). Coach Smith’s Oak Hill Warriors have been crowned “National High School Champions” nine times (1993, 1994, 1999, 2001, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2012, 2016)….

    Morgan Wooten DeMatha High School:Hyattsville, Maryland…Overall Record (1274–192)
    5 high school national championships (1962, 1965, 1968, 1978, 1984)

    Those are your top three high school coaches….

    In college I would take, John Wooden, Dean Smith, Coach K, Roy Williams and Adolph Rupp…I did not like some of the ways Coach Rupp operated, but he did win the games and the titles….

    Others you might want to see up here and can you top these lists????

    And whether you say he is a great coach or not, Coach Shavers did do a great job…No teacher or coach has an easy job these days….Fine Job Coach Shavers….

  7. Let me add one more name to list of college coaches and and then I need to get to bed and get some rest…This topic really has me fired up as you can tell…

    Let me add one more name to the College Coaching List and that would be Clarence “Big House” Gaines…I really like the job he did at Winston-Salem State….Met him once at an A&T game and he was a great coach and a great man, albeit a Big Man….

    Earl “The Pearl” Monroe, from WSSU, is a name that will live on forever….

  8. Here is a name that came to mind last night, as I was laying there in bed, trying to get to sleep….

    Harvey Reid from Wilson Fike High School…

    from the News and Record on-line, March 5, 1991:

    Harvey Reid Jr., one of North Carolina’s winningest high school men’s basketball coaches, died of an apparent heart attack during Wilson Fike’s game Tuesday. He was 64.

    Reid, who had had two previous heart attacks in recent years, collapsed about four minutes into the game against E.E. Smith High School in Fayetteville. He had compiled an 818-206 record in 42 seasons as a coach in North Carolina high schools, and was 15-8 this year at Wilson Fike, where he was the men’s head basketball coach and athletic director.

    Reid has won seven state championships and was the runner-up five times.

    He began his coaching career in the mid-1950s at Elm City Frederick Douglass High School and won state titles there in 1962, 1964 and 1965. After integration, when Douglass and Elm City High School merged, Reid won the championship from 1974-76.

    He took over at Fike in 1978, and claimed the state title in 1984. Fike lost in the finals in 1989 and 1990.

    “When you think of basketball in the state of North Carolina, you think of Coach Harvey Reid,’ Charles Adams, executive director of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association, said in a statement Tuesday night. “This is a tremendous loss and I can’t think of anyone we’ll miss more than Harvey. He was a class individual and truly a legend in our state. You just don’t replace a man of his stature and he will be greatly missed.’

    Reid was a 1990 inductee to the NCHSAA Hall of Fame, one of only 12 members.

    He was born in Fayetteville and a graduate of Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte.

    Anyone else got anything to add or to say…We would love to hear from you and as you can tell, I have done my homework……

  9. Andy i was lucky enough to watch Harvey Reid coach several Fike games back in the early 80’s including a couple during that championship season. he was a great coach. i remember how disciplined his teams were. he had good players but it was obvious that most of the time his team was better coached than his opponents.

  10. Give my boy Phog Allen from Kansas some credit. He won over 800 games on the college level.

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