UPDATE:Three Tar Heels are transferring/UNC suspends women’s basketball staff including head coach Sylvia Hatchell:Entire program now under review

++++++++++UNC said today/Tuesday, sophomore Jocelyn Jones and juniors Stephanie Watts and Destinee Walker plan to transfer.++++++++++

The University of North Carolina women’s basketball staff, including head coach Sylvia Hatchell, has been suspended….The entire women’s basketball program is now under review….This all happened today and the program has been basically shut down until further notice…

Coach Hatchell comments on this matter:
“I’ve had the privilege of coaching more than 200 young women during my 44 years in basketball. My goal has always been to help them become the very best people they can be, on the basketball court and in life,” she wrote.

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  1. Players got caught going to real classes. Can’t upstage the men’s program!

  2. Was there any bribery going on here like what we saw at Wake Forest? The corruption is becoming widespread in college athletics and it looks like it has hit UNC square in the face.

    This is serious business and we could see criminal charges moving forward if and when they prove there was some type of bribery going on in Chapel Hill.

    Can’t believe the mess that is going on down there at North Carolina since John Swofford left. If he were still at UNC, none of this would have ever happened. He ran a very tight ship.

  3. Do you think this might just be an April Fool’s Joke and they haven’t hit us with the punch-line yet???

    It did break as a top story on Monday April 1….

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