Carolina Acceleration High School Baseball and Softball Today(4/2/19):Next Top Recruits Top Game of the Day looks to be Page at Grimsley(Grimsley wins JV Baseball Game, 8-7 over Page)

Final JV Baseball:Grimsley 8, Page 7
Be sure to connect with Carmine Pagano at Carolina Acceleration and join his team of trainers that can help make your game go to its highest levels…That’s Carolina Acceleration training programs, inside the Greensboro Batting Center on West Gate City Blvd…Our Next Top Recruits Game of the Day is the Page(6-3/3-1) at Grimsley(6-4/3-1) baseball game, set for a start time of a cool 7pm….Your Connection to College Coaches, Next Top Recruits…

Baseball Today/Tonight:
Cornerstone Charter Academy(3-5) at Chatham Central(6-5) 4:30pm
Westchester Country Day(2-1/0-1) at Forsyth Country Day(3-2/2-0) 4:30pm
Providence Grove(7-6/6-2) at High Point Andrews(0-8/0-8) 5pm
High Point Central(4-8/0-4) at Ragsdale(6-7/0-4) 6pm
North Forsyth(5-6/2-4) at Smith(0-9/0-7) 6pm
WS Reagan(9-2/4-0) at East Forsyth(4-8/0-4) 6:30pm
Page(6-3/3-1) at Grimsley(7-4/3-1) 7pm
Northern Guilford(7-3/7-1) at Eastern Alamance(6-5/4-4) 7pm
Southwestern Randolph(9-2/6-1) at Eastern Guilford(4-7/2-5) 7pm
Southern Guilford(2-8/1-5) at Burlington Williams(4-8/2-5) 7pm
Northeast Guilford(2-11/0-8) at Person County(2-10/1-7) 7pm
Caldwell Academy(4-4/1-1) at Greensboro Day School(5-4/1-2) TBA

+++++Western Guilford(10-1/9-0) at Southwest Guilford(9-3/6-1) set now for Wednesday at 7pm+++++

Softball Today/Tonight:
Forsyth Country Day(1-3/1-0) at High Point Christian Academy(2-6/1-1) 5pm
Northwest Guilford(9-0/4-0) at Page(7-3/3-1) 6pm
Western Guilford(8-5/6-3) at Southwest Guilford(8-4/7-0) 6pm
High Point Central(6-4/2-2) at Grimsley(0-8/0-4) 6pm
Northeast Guilford(6-6/2-5) at Person County(6-6/5-3) 6pm
Southern Guilford(2-9/1-5) at Burlington Williams(1-7/0-7) 6pm
North Forsyth(8-4/5-2) at Smith(1-8/0-8) 6pm
WS Parkland(8-2/7-1) at Dudley(2-9/1-6) 6pm
Cornerstone Charter(5-5/2-3) at Chatham Central(6-2/6-0) 6pm
Southwestern Randolph(9-3/6-1) at Eastern Guilford(5-7/4-3) 6:30pm
Northern Guilford(4-7/3-5) at Eastern Alamance(9-1/8-0) 7pm
Triad Math and Science Academy(0-5/0-3) at Bethany Community School(2-1/2-0) TBA