Last night we met the new Assistant Athletic Director at Grimsley High School

We had known him from before, and now we know him as the new Assistant Director of Athletics, at Grimsley High School…

They had me checking my phone to make sure it wasn’t still April 1, but it was April 2 and the new assistant athletic director at Grimsley High School, was a man that was wearing Blue, but he used to instead, wear a lot of Red….

Ran into current, but still fairly new, Grimsley AD Ethan Albright last night, and he was up on the hill above the baseball field there at Grimsley, and was talking to the Grimsley principal Ged O’Donnell, and there was this other man standing right there with them and he was all decked out in blue, from his head down to his shoe, and I looked at him for a second, I said I know you….

The new Grimsley assistant athletic director standing right there, and it was Clayton Nance, of all people….

The same Clayton Nance that was over at Page High School for all of those years, as an assistant coach on Marion Kirby’s football staff…That was one legendary football coach Marion Kirby, and that was one legendary football staff he had put together over there at Page HS, with Coach Clayton Nance, Coach Ken Page, Coach Frank Starling, Coach Bob Via and others over the years including Steven Davis(Dudley HS) and Victor Floyd(Chester, S.C.)….

And now Coach Clayton Nance has gone from all red, to all blue in his new job, as the Grimsley Whirlies’ assistant athletic director…

Coach Nance has always known when it was time to dance and he looks pretty sharp, in his new blue pants and shirt….

Had missed him for a while, but now he has been located/found….Clayton Nance has joined the athletics administrative staff at Grimsley High School, and as he tackles his now post/position, it looks like he is off to a great start…..

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