Greensboro Grasshoppers win in 10, with Pat Dorrian scoring Game-winning run and Raul Siri delivering Game-winning RBI:Hoopers’ Highlights Here!!!

Final from First National Bank Field:
Greensboro Grasshoppers 2, Hagerstown Suns 1…(10 Innings)
WP:Conner Loeprich(1-0)/LP:Carson Teel(0-1)
On the Scoreboard:

Hoppers 2-5-3
Suns:   1-3-2

Game-winning Run:Pat Dorrian/Game-winning RBI:Raul Siri

A most improbable win, but the Hoppers find a way to grab the victory….10 Innings with bonus baseball, and you start the 10th Inning with a man on second base…The man on second for both teams, is the man who made the last out for each of the respective teams, in the 9th Inning…

In the 10th Inning with Pat Dorrian for the Hoppes at second base, Grant Koch flys out to center field, sending Dorrian on over to third base…Raul Siri comes up and looks to get down a suicide bunt and Dorrian breaks for home and Siri can’t get the bunt down, but SOMEHOW, Dorrian is able to get back to third base, avoiding the tag in the process…Hagerstown had Dorrian dead to rights, but SOMEHOW, he was able to get back to third….

Siri then drives a ground ball onto the right side of the infield and Dorrian got a great jump and he scored from third, on the Siri ground ball and the HOPPERS WIN!!!!!

Check out the Video Highlights from Jack Kerley and Hoppers’ video below….
Top 2nd: Lara (Hag) caught stealing by GSO C Grant Koch.
-Top 2: Great diving catch made by LF Ryan Haug.
-Bot 2: 2B Chase Lambert smacks a triple but fails to be brought around and take the lead.
-Bot 8: CF Lolo Sanchez smokes an RBI triple to tie the game.
-Bot 10: 3B Raul Siri drives in the winning run (SS Pat Dorrian). Celebration ensues!

CLICK HERE for the video from the table above…

Hoppers’ video, CLICK HERE….