Carolina Acceleration High School Baseball and Softball Today:Next Top Recruits Top Games of the Day, Take your Pick with NWG at Ragsdale, McMichael at NG, or North Forsyth at SWG softball/Postponements popping up all over the place!!!

+++++Western Guilford-WS Parkland baseball for today has been Postponed until Wednesday/tomorrow….Friday’s Western Guilford baseball game with North Forsyth has been moved to Thursday due to the possibility of more rain on Friday.+++++

*****Early Postponement List:Today’s Varsity Baseball game, NW Guilford @ Ragsdale, has been postponed. This game has been rescheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, April 10. 6:00 PM start time.*****
*****Ragsdale High School:Today’s Women’s Soccer and Softball games (at HP Central) have been postponed. These games are both rescheduled for tomorrow at 6:00 PM.*****

^^^^^Southern Alamance baseball and softball Update:Baseball vs Glenn for tomorrow is canceled also due to Glenn making up a conf game.
Baseball may move Thursday vs Chatham Central to Wednesday due to lack of umpires for Thursday.

Game vs ER today is CANCELED due to wetness – No make up in sight – due to lack of room on schedule.^^^^^

We will have a few more details for your later on in the morning, we just wanted to get this schedule started for you early, so you can dive on in…….
Don’t forget to visit Carmine Pagano at Carolina Acceleration, inside the Greensboro Batting Center on West Gate City Blvd./High Point Road, and get a workout program set up with CP, at the CA….“Hard Work Pays Off”, at Carolina Acceleration…

Our Next Top Recruits Top Games of the Day are, Northwest Guilford(11-6/4-1) at Ragsdale(8-7/2-3), plus McMichael(11-5/6-4) at Northern Guilford(10-3/9-1) in baseball, and we will go with North Forsyth(10-4/7-2) at Southwest Guilford(9-5/8-1)…On paper North at SWG looks good in softball, but last time SWG hammered North, 16-2…Let’s see how it goes this time around….Time for you to get “Your Connection To College Coaches”, Next Top Recruits

Baseball Today/Tuesday:
Westchester Country Day(2-2/0-2) at High Point Christian Academy(12-2/4-0) 3:30pm… Game 1 of Doubleheader…
Cornerstone Charter(3-7/2-4) at River Mill(2-9/1-6) 4pm
Greensboro Day School(6-5/1-2) at Ravenscroft(5-4/2-1) 5pm
Northwest Guilford(11-6/4-1) at Ragsdale(8-7/2-3) 6pm….Postponed
High Point Central(4-10/0-6) at Page(6-4/3-2) 6pm
Providence Grove(9-7/8-2) at Grimsley(9-5/4-1) 6pm
Asheboro(4-9/2-6) at Southern Guilford(2-10/1-6) 6pm
Forsyth Country Day(3-3/2-1) at Wesleyan Christian Academy(8-3/0-0) 6pm
Calvary Day(1-6/0-3) at Caldwell Academy(5-5/2-1) 6:30pm
Eastern Guilford(4-9/2-6) at Southeast Guilford(10-5/8-0) 7pm
WS Parkland(6-8/3-6) at Western Guilford(11-2/9-1) 7pm….Senior Night for the Western Guilford Hornets… The festivities will begin at 6:15 PM with a celebration of the seniors, followed by the game vs. Parkland at 7:00. If the weather does not cooperate, everything will move to Wednesday.
WS Parkland-WG Tuesday night game Postponed and moving to Wednesday night……
McMichael(11-5/6-4) at Northern Guilford(10-3/9-1) 7pm
North Forsyth(8-6/5-4))) at Southwest Guilford(11-3/8-1) 7pm
Mount Tabor(7-9/6-4) at Dudley(2-9/2-7) 7pm
Rockingham County(10-3/7-2) at Northeast Guilford(3-12/1-9) 7pm
Trinity(3-13/0-8) at High Point Andrews(0-10/0-10) 7pm
East Forsyth(5-10/0-6) at Davie County(15-1/6-0) 7pm

Softball Today/Tuesday:
Cornerstone Charter(6-7/2-5) at River Mill Academy(2-8/1-7) 5pm
Wesleyan Christian Academy(5-2/2-0) at Forsyth Country Day(1-3/0-0) 5:30pm
Grimsley(1-10/0-5) at Page(8-4/3-2) 6pm
McMichael(2-13/0-11) at Northern Guilford(4-9/3-7) 6pm
Mount Tabor(2-11/2-7) at Dudley(2-12/1-9) 6pm
Asheboro(8-4/7-2) at Southern Guilford(2-10/2-5) 6pm
WS Parkland(10-3/9-1) at Western Guilford(9-6/6-4) 6pm…..This game has been POSTPONED and moved to Wednesday night…..
Rockingham County(7-4/5-4) at Northeast Guilford(6-8/2-7) 6pm
Ragsdale(5-7/1-3) at High Point Central(8-4/3-2) 6pm…Postponed
Eastern Guilford(5-8/4-4) at Southeast Guilford(2-12/2-5) 6:30pm
North Forsyth(10-4/7-2) at Southwest Guilford(9-5/8-1) 7pm
Triad Math and Science Academy(0-5/0-3) at Bethany Community School(2-1/2-0) TBA

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