Carolina Panthers pick up former Davidson Day School QB Will Grier in the Third Round of the NFL Draft

We are looking at the new Carolina Panthers’ backup quarterback….Here comes Will Grier from Davidson Day School, the University of Florida and West Virginia University…..

There is lot being said about the young man they expect to become the Panthers #2 QB behind Cam Newton, and here we have the thoughts and info from David Newton(to our knowledge, no relation to Cam Newton), that’s David Newton, at….

Newton is a former writer for the Charlotte Observer….By the way, Davidson Day is much smaller than Greensboro Day School, and probably has a smaller enrollment than Wesleyan Christian Academy and High Point Christian Academy….Will Grier was coached by his dad, Chad Grier, will in high school at Davidson Day School….

Since Will Grier left Davidson Day School, around five years ago, the school has since dropped football and his dad, Chad, is now teaching at a football academy….
++++++++++On another note, current Wake Forest University senior running back Cade Carney, also played his high school football for coach Chad Grier, at Davidson Day School…On another nearby note, former Eastern Guilford lineman Spencer Clapp, is now a 6’6/300 pound redshirt sophomore for the Wake Forest Demon Deacons, and with the work Spencer Clapp has been doing, we ought to be calling his name out for the NFL Draft, here in about 4 years….Clapp, a part of the offensive line, for the WFU Demon Deacons…..++++++++++

from David Newton
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Panthers call selection of QB Grier a depth move
The Panthers’ selection of quarterback Will Grier in the third round of the draft was made strictly with depth in mind, and general manager Marty Hurney said “nobody appreciates the concept of depth more than Cam Newton does.”

West Virginia quarterback Will Grier grew up in the Charlotte area and once played in Cam Newton’s 7-on-7 tournament. He has a DeShaun Foster jersey and considers former Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith his favorite player. He couldn’t be more thrilled to be a third-round pick by the Panthers. “I think the Panthers just got the best quarterback in the draft and long-term I’d love to bring a Super Bowl [title] to Charlotte,” Grier said.

Panthers general manager Marty Hurney says Will Grier has plenty of arm strength and is accurate. He says “this is about depth at the position.”

The Panthers hadn’t drafted a quarterback since taking Cam Newton with the top pick in 2011 before the third round tonight. They didn’t have to look far to get West Virginia quarterback Will Grier, who grew up in the Charlotte area and watched the draft a few miles from the stadium at his uncle’s house. It was time with Newton coming off his second shoulder surgery in three offseasons and up for a contract renewal following the 2020 season. Offensive coordinator Norv Turner spent a lot of time with Grier leading up to the draft. Seems like a good fit.

*****Here is why the Panthers selected QB Will Grier in the third round of the NFL Draft, coming in from Max Henson, at*****

CHARLOTTE – The Panthers’ decision to select quarterback Will Grier in the third round of the 2019 NFL Draft shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone who follows this team.

And it shouldn’t come as a shock to Cam Newton.

General manager Marty Hurney and head coach Ron Rivera have openly expressed their desire to draft and groom a quarterback to provide depth, especially after Newton’s shoulder issues put the team in a bind last season.

“Cam Newton is our franchise quarterback,” Hurney said. “This is about developing a young guy and improving depth at the most important position.”

And Grier was a clear target throughout the pre-draft process. Carolina scouted the Charlotte native closely, with offensive coordinator Norv Turner and quarterbacks coach Scott Turner joining Hurney for a trip to West Virginia to dine with Grier before watching him perform at pro day.

They all liked what they saw.

“We like Will,” Hurney said. “I think he’s got plenty of arm strength just to start off. His arm strength is not an issue, he’s a timing passer I think he’s got an ‘it’ factor that you see, and you see being around his teammates, and you can see it at the pro day, and you can just see it on tape. I think that he’s a very talented quarterback who we had the chance to get with the 100th pick in the draft, so we decided to make the choice.”

Many of the questions directed at Hurney and Rivera were about Newton, but Hurney reiterated his earlier declaration that Newton is Carolina’s unquestioned franchise quarterback.

With how physically demanding this game is, the Panthers needed a stronger insurance plan behind their soon-to-be 30-year-old quarterback. Last year’s 1-7 slide to close the season with Newton ailing was evidence of that.

As Rivera pointed out, the Philadelphia Eagles benefited greatly from having a quality signal-caller in Nick Foles on the roster behind Carson Wentz.

And Hurney subscribes to the theory that it’s always wise to have talented young arms in the pipeline.

Turns out they were able find one in their own backyard.

“(Former Packers GM) Ron Wolf had a philosophy that you take a quarterback in every draft if you find one that fits in a certain round because of the value of the position and the fact it does take time to grow those guys,” Hurney said. “If you develop those guys and they are players then they’re going to help you in different ways but they’re going to help you down the road. So I think that Ron’s right.

“We’ve had a lot of discussions about it, but the philosophy is that any time you can get young guys and bring them in and develop them at that position, I think that’s the right way to go.”

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