Smith High School looking for members from their 1963-1964 football team:Trying to find players, coaches, trainers, managers, from the school’s first-ever Golden Eagles football team(Players we are watching for/looking for)/Smith was (7-2) in 1963

For more information on this event, call Ray Linney at 336-202-0104…..That’s 336-202-0104…

The first-ever black athlete at Smith High School is leading the charge and we are right now putting the word out for Ray Linney, as he seeks to find as many members as possible, from that old 1963-1964 Smith Golden Eagles football team…

If you know of any living football players, coaches, trainers, managers, team assistance/helpers, let us know here at the site and we will get them in touch with Ray Linney….

Names were are looking for/watching for, as Ray Linney works to put his list of players together…The date will be Friday August 30 and Ray is hoping to see on that night as many of the former players and coaches as possible, including:
Phil Barker, Barry Morgan, Walt Messer, Gary Troxler, Clarence Costner, Bobby Tucker, Frankie Walker, Shawn Hatch, Mark Wilson(QB), Lindy Stephenson, Coach Jackie Joyce, Coach Jack Chatham, Coach Lee, Phil Councilman, Joe Lenins, Frankie Baynes, Bill Hines, Craig Newman, Tommy Goodman, Bill Everhart, Bobby Heib, JB Peerman, Clay Wilson, Mike Lowe, James Bardeau, Phil Meeler, Eddie Hill, Howard Smith, James Hockenberry, Terry Aycock, Dwight Frye, Vince Marchisotta, and that is the bulk of the team and Ray is looking for any more players, that you can help him find for the big game, on Friday August 30, at Ben L. Smith High School……

Ray Linney was the first black athlete at Ben L. Smith High School and he is trying to round up all of those former 1963-64 football team members that he can find…

The 1963-64 Smith football team, was the first football team in the history of Ben L. Smith High School, and the school will be recognizing this team and as many former members as Ray can round up this Fall, at a chosen Ben L. Smith High School football game, for the 2019 season….

As you can imagine, this will be a very special night for all of the former Golden Eagles, from that 1963-1964 football team, and we need to get behind Ray Linney and his efforts to bring the old boys back together and make this event, be a happening, at Ben L. Smith High School….

This will be one of the bigger/biggest nights in Ben L. Smith football history, when this team from ’63-’64 comes back together again, and with your help, we can help Ray make all of this happen and all of the credit for these efforts should go to Ray Linney….

If they can get him up and moving the big sophomore lineman from this team, Wayne Butler, will be there, but if he can’t make it, he will be there for sure, in spirit…”The Butler” has been in serious hospice care recently and we just hope he is still with us, come the Fall of 2019….

Ray Linney is ready and are you ready to see this BIG EVENT???

They are bringing back together the Ben L. Smith Golden Eagles football from the 1963-1964 school year and let’s make sure Ray has a chance to say, how good his teammates used to play, on that special day/night…..

**********The team went (7-2) that first season, back in 1963, with wins over Grimsley, 6-2…They beat WS Reynolds, 7-6…Topped Salisbury, 18-0…Got past Lexington, 19-12…Defeated Page, 21-12…Ran past Burlington, 27-7…Plus slipped past Cary, 13-12….All of those games were JV games for that first year, for Ben L. Smith, wth again wins over, Grimsley, Page, WS Reynolds, Salisbury, Lexington, Burlington, and Cary….Smith lost to the High Point Central JV’s, 6-4 and Smith fell to the Raleigh Enloe varsity football team, 27-6….**********

*****Contact us here at the site if you know of any former Smith football players from 1963-1964, and we will pass those names on to Ray Linney…..*****

Need to make it happen and Ray Linney bringing this event to the Claude Manzi Stadium, for the Fall of 2019(Friday August, 30)…..