Greensboro’s Paris Kea(Page HS) makes WNBA’s Indiana Fever:Kea kid is on the team

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A third-round pick makes the team
Paris Kea(Page High School/UNC), a 5-foot-9 guard who starred at North Carolina last year, was the first pick of the third round, by the Indiana Fever, in this year’s WNBA Draft….

Indiana Fever Head Coach and General Manager Pokey Chatman said it was a no-brainer to take Kea with the 25th pick in the draft. Kea was second on the team with 23 points in three preseason games.

Veteran forward Candice Dupree said Kea was the biggest surprise of training camp.

It can be difficult for third-round picks to make a WNBA roster, but Kea has clearly earned the respect of the Fever’s coaches and players. Expect Kea to see playing time throughout the season.