Friday Baseball Trivia from Home Slice Pizza and Subs:Win a FREE Two-Topping Large Pizza when you answer our Trivia Question of the Day, and some interesting notes on Mickey Mantle on today’s plate

Friday Baseball Trivia from Home Slice Pizza and Subs:Win a FREE Two-Topping Large Pizza when you answer our Trivia Question of the Day
You saw the nice lead-in up top, right???

Well, here is our Baseball Trivia Question of the Day and you can win the FREE Two-Topping Pizza, from Home Slice Pizza and Subs, if you come up with the correct answer/answers…

Home Slice Pizza and Sub, with three Greensboro locations….On Hunt Club Road, just off of Guilford College Road, near the Guilford College Quakers’ campus; on West Gate City Blvd., near the UNCG campus, and on Fleming Road, in the Food Lion Shopping Center, in the Cardinal Crossing Shopping Center, out there in the Cardinal Community….

And for today’s question and be sure to send your answers to…Again, all answers to….

Today’s question/questions….

We give you the baseball character from a baseball movie, and you need to give us the actor that played that character, and the movie that they were in…

A three-parter for and you should know all three of these actors and the movie that they were in…..

Here are your baseball movie characters and again, give us the actor that played these characters and the baseball movie that they were in….

Crash Davis…..
Roy Hobbs…..
Ricky Vaughn…..
*****Send those answers and you need to hit all three and send them to,…..*****
+++++Looking for new winners and we need to keep it at one winner per-family please……+++++

If we were doing football movies it would go something like this…
Paul Crewe…..Burt Reynolds-actor-movie was “The Longest Yard”…
Brian Piccolo…..James Caan-actor-movie was “Brian’s Song”
Jack Dundee …..Robin Williams-actor-movie was “The Best of Times”

*****Here is a good baseball “quote of the day” for you…..*****
Mickey Mantle stated that the people of Greensboro had “gone out of their way to make me feel welcome, and I’ve found something there I haven’t enjoyed since I was a kid.”

Mickey Mantle loved living and spending the time he did in Greensboro….Only missing part of this interesting story is, that Mickey Mantle loved his time in Greensboro, Georgia, and not in Greensboro, N.C. You have to still love the fact that the good ole’ Mick, gave Greensboro a good plug there….

Mickey Mantle spent several of his later years living in Greensboro…Greensboro, Georgia that is…

Another fact I found about Mickey Mantle the other day…”The Mick” was only a lifetime .298 hitter and that really hurt him as his career ended…He hated the fact that he could not have finished his baseball career, batting .300 or better…

Just a few notes on “The Mick” today, and he was also known as the “The Commerce Comet, as he was from Commerce, Oklahoma…..


  1. Crash Davis Kevin Costner (actor) movie was “Bull Durham”
    Roy Hobbs Robert Redford (actor) Movie was “The Natural”
    Ricky Vaughn Charlie Sheen(actor) movie was “Major League”

  2. Derrick Johnson is our Winner today…He beat out Brad Curtis by just 5 minutes, but Mr. Johnson takes home the win and the FREE Pizza from Home Slice Pizza and Subs today….

    We will play again next Friday, so stay tuned…

    Here are the correct answers for today’s Trivia….

    Crash Davis – Kevin Costner / Bull Durham

    Roy Hobbs – Robert Redford / The Natural

    Ricky Vaughn – Charlie Sheen / Major League

    Congrats to Derrick Johnson and let’s start getting ready for next Friday’s Baseball Trivia…

  3. We need to get Todd Donohoe in here one week to host this segment….

    He is the former host of “Time Out for Trivia”, the popular sports trivia show that ran on the Financial News Network/FNN Score for several years….For five years, Todd Donohoe served as host of “Time Out For Trivia”.

    During his time at KABC(Los Angeles), Donoho was known in the Los Angeles media market for beginning and ending his sports anchor segments with sports trivia questions and for his trademark phrase, “take a hike”.

    I always liked and appreciated the work of Todd Donohoe….

    Now it is time for us to, “Take a Hike”…..

  4. Todd Donohoe doing the sports on TV out in LA back years ago. I saw him and he was one of the best. He had some great Trivia Questions back in the day.

    “Take a Hike”.

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