NCAA East-West All-Stars Women’s Soccer Game Coming to McPherson Stadium on July 16:Rosters are Ready for your Review

2019 NCCA East-West All-Star Women’s Soccer Roster
**********The NCCA is pleased to announce the rosters for the 2019 East-West All-Star women’s soccer match to be played July 16 at MacPherson Stadium. The match will feature some of the best recently graduated soccer players from around the state.**********


#	Player		    Ht.     Pos.	School	        HS Coach	
1	Jade	Bouedo	    5'3     F  	        Cary	        Laura	Kerrigan
2	Hayley	Boyles	    5'7     M/F	        Heritage 	Scott	Sloan
3	Mikayla	Brenman	    5' 7    M/D	        Chapel Hill 	Jason	Curtis
4	Courtney Dwertman   5'7     M/F	        E.A Laney	Jamie	Noble
5	Tori	Gagliardi   5'8     D	        Fuquay Varina	Nick	Acosta
6	Amaya	Gill	    5'3     D	        Fuquay Varina	Nick	Acosta
7	Mackenzie Gower	    5'3     F	        Leesville Road	Paul	Dinkenor
8	Alex	Kerr	    5'8     M	        Chapel Hill 	Jason	Curtis
9	Lindy	Morgan	    5'9     M/D	        Corinth Holders Alison	Vetterl
10	Madison	Myott	    5'3     M	        Holly Springs 	Brian	Miller
11	Parker	Ormsby	    5'10    D	        E. A. Laney 	Jamie	Noble
12	Malina	Pardo	    5'5     F	        Leesville Road 	Paul	Dinkenor
13	Kiana	Rivera	    5'3     F	        Green Hope 	Stacy	Lamb
14	Sydney	Romeo	    5'5     D	        Holly Springs	Brian	Miller
15	Gracie 	Stoltz	    5'3     GK	        Green Hope 	Stacy	Lamb
16	Kasey	Wilkins	    5'3     GK	        Clayton	        Joseph	Mott

Head Coach: Alison Vetterl….Corinth Holders


#	Player	             Ht.         Pos.	School	        HS Coach
1	Reese	Alley	     5'6         D	Polk County 	Lennox	Charles
2	Logan	Farrelly     5'6         M	NW Guilford 	Terrence	Murphy
3	Laura	Harris	     5'9         M	Grimsley 	Mark	Johnston
4	Lauren	Hayes	     5'5         D	Hickory	        Brian	Jillings
5	Kylie	Joyce	     5'5         GK	Grimsley	Mark	Johnston
6	Jenna 	Land	     5'4         D	Hickory 	Brian	Jillings
7	Jess	LaFrancis    5'4         M	East  Lincoln 	Jason	Dragoon
8	Olivia	Lenderman    5'10        M	Asheville 	Mike	Flowe
9	Laura	Milligan     5'5         F	Mount Tabor	Jay	Benfield
10	Audra 	Morgan	     5'5         F	East  Henderson	Aaron	Chappell
11	Tatum	Neff	     5'6         F	Page	        Tim	Nash
12	Julia	Patrum	     5'3         F	Concord	        Taylor	Strode
13	Kennedy	Rucker	     5'10        D	TC Roberson 	Joshua	Martin
14	Riley	Terry	     5’4         D	West Forsyth	Scott	Bilton
15	Abby 	Walker	     5'6         F	Fred T Foard	Stan	Elliott
16	Grace	Wielechowski 5'4         M	Charlotte Catholic 	Gary	Hoilett

Head Coach: Jason Dragoon….East Lincoln