NCAA Super Regional Baseball Games will begin this Friday with three teams from the state of North Carolina in the mix:UNC, Duke and ECU going for the Title

Three teams from North Carolina are going balling, and most will begin battle on Friday, in hopes of reaching the NCAA College Baseball World Series….

From the Tar Heel state we have, the North Carolina Tar Heels and they will be hosting the Auburn Tigers…UNC vs. Auburn gets going on Saturday at Noon, in Chapel Hill….

The Duke Blue Devils are traveling to Nashville, Tennessee, where they will be facing the Vanderbilt Commodores, with the Devils first game going on, on Friday, at 6pm….

East Carolina will take their “Pirate Baseball Nation” to Louisville, Kentucky, where ECU will meet the Louisville Cardinals, from the Atlantic Coast Conference….ECU-Louisville Game One is Friday afternoon, at high Noon….

UNC, Duke and ECU, and let’s see how the Best-of-Three Series goes for these three Tar Heel state teams……

**********NCAA Super Regional Round**********
Best-of-three series at campus sites

Friday, June 7

Game 1: (10) East Carolina at (7) Louisville, Noon
Game 1: (9) Oklahoma State at (8) Texas Tech, 3pm
Game 1: Duke at (2) Vanderbilt, 6pm
Game 1: Michigan at (1) UCLA, 9pm

Saturday, June 8
Game 1: (12) Ole Miss at (5) Arkansas, Noon
Game 1: Auburn at (14) North Carolina, Noon
Game 1: Florida State at (13) LSU, 3pm
Game 1: (11) Stanford at (6) Mississippi State 3pm
Game 2: (10) East Carolina at (7) Louisville 3pm
Game 2: (9) Oklahoma State at (8) Texas Tech 6pm
Game 2: Duke at (2) Vanderbilt 9pm
Game 2: Michigan at (1) UCLA 9pm

Sunday, June 9
Game 3 (if nec.): (10) East Carolina at (7) Louisville Noon
Game 2: (12) Ole Miss at (5) Arkansas 3pm
Game 2: Auburn at (14) North Carolina TBA
Game 3 (if nec.): Duke at (2) Vanderbilt 3pm
Game 2: Florida State at (13) LSU 6pm
Game 3 (if nec.): (9) Oklahoma State at (8) Texas Tech 6pm
Game 2: (11) Stanford at (6) Mississippi State 9pm
Game 3 (if nec.): Michigan at (1) UCLA 9pm

Monday, June 10
Game 3 (if nec.): Auburn at (14) North Carolina 1pm
Game 3 (if nec.): (12) Ole Miss at (5) Arkansas 4pm
Game 3 (if nec.): (11) Stanford at (6) Mississippi State 7pm
Game 3 (if nec.): Florida State at (13) LSU 8:30pm