Baseball Trivia Question/Questions of the Week:Win a FREE Large Two-topping Pizza from Home Slice Pizza and Subs

You can win that FREE Two-topping Pizza from Home Slice Pizza and Subs and this week’s category is nicknames….

We have all kinds of baseball nicknames from over the years and as you know, nicknames are very popular in sports and have been, for many years..

In football we have had our fair share with some of the favorites from over the years, and they seemed to be really hot with the fans, those nicknames from back in the 70’s and 80’s….You had, “Sweetness”, Walter Payton; there was Ed “Too Tall” Jones and there was also a, Ed “Too Small” Jones, and think they both played for the Dallas Cowboys; there was Ken “Snake” Stabler”; Ted “The Stork” Hendricks you had “Dandy” Don Meredith and we could go on all day….

From basketball we had “The Iceman” George Gervin; “Dr. J” Julius Erving; there was Earvin “Magic” Johnson; Wilt “The Stilt” Chamberlin; we had Clyde “The Glide” Drexler, and there was also “Clyde the Glide” Austin; you had Charles “Hawkeye” Whitney and Linda “Hawkeye” Page; there was also Lloyd “World B.” Free, Tyrone “Muggsy” Bogues; Allen “The Answer” Iverson, “The Wizard of Westwood” John Wooden, and we could roll on…

From boxing and wrestling you had Bret “The Hitman” Hart and Thomas “The Hitman” Hearns; there was “The Golden Boy” Oscar De la Hoya, “Smokin” Joe Frazier, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, “Honey” Roy Palmer, “Marvelous” Marvin Hagler, “The Easton Assassin” Larry Holmes, “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan and many more…

Back in my old days, I went through three different stages of nicknames, with a high school nickname of “Moose” Durham, the college nickname of “Bull” Durham, then the radio nickname of Jock Lobotamata/”Jock” for short…..I guess we all live in a world of ‘Sports Entertainment’….

Now on to our Baseball Nicknames of the Day…Get all of these correct and win the FREE Two-Topping LARGE Pizza, from Home Slice Pizza and Subs…Home Slice Pizza and Subs on West Gate City Blvd., near UNCG; on Hunt Club Road, just off of Guilford College Road, near the Guilford College campus; and on Fleming Road, in the Cardinal Crossing Shopping Center, near the Food Lion, in the Cardinal Community…

Send you answers to…Again, all answers coming into….And if you think of any other sports-related nicknames today, throw them into the comment box, but again, send all answers to, and you win that FREE Two-Topping LARGE Pizza, from Home Slice Pizza and Subs…

Baseball nicknames and here are the ones we are looking for….You do have some duplicates at times, because we know of former Greensboro Grasshoppers skipper, Todd Pratt, known as “Tank” and there is the Page High School head baseball coach, William Hardin, also known as, “Tank”…Former Western Guilford football coach Doug Henderson, was known as, “Tick”, while back in college at UNC….

Here are the baseball nicknames we are looking for….We give you the Nickname and you give us the player’s name….

1)Hammerin’ Hank….Could be two answers to this, but the first one that comes to your mind, will probably be the keeper…
2)The Splendid Splinter
3)The Mad Hungarian
4)The Commerce Comet
5)The Bambino
6)The Iron Horse
8)The Yankee Clipper
9)The Bird
10)The Big Hurt
11)The Scooter
12)Charlie Hustle
13)The Georgia Peach
14)The Lip
15)Pudge and there could be two good possible choices for this one…Get either one, and you don’t need both…
17)Mr. October
19)The Say Hey Kid
20)Stan the Man
22)Tom Terrific
23)The Flying Dutchman

There you have the list of some of the best baseball nicknames ever…..Load ’em and send the winning answers on over to….

5 thoughts on “Baseball Trivia Question/Questions of the Week:Win a FREE Large Two-topping Pizza from Home Slice Pizza and Subs”

  1. Here’s another baseball nickname that might be a good one for the list…

    John “The Count” Montefusco was a Major League Baseball pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, Atlanta Braves, San Diego Padres, and New York Yankees.

    Montefusco was a MLB pitcher from 1974 to 1986….

    Montefusco had his best years with the SF Giants…

    We are getting some answer on today’s list, but the question and the FREE Pizza are still wide open….

  2. Here’s another one we were thinking about yesterday, that we did not throw in today…

    from the field of Boxing:
    Rubin “Hurricane” Carter

    Baseball Trivia today for the FREE Pizza, from Home Slice Pizza and Subs….

  3. Andy here are some more unusual nickbnames
    NAILS Lenny Dykstra,,, Dr Strangelove Dick Stewart
    THE ROCKET Roger Clements,,,PUTT PUTT Richie Ashburn
    CHAIRMAN OF THE BOAR Whitey Ford,,, C
    CHICKEN MAN Wade Boggs

  4. We do have a Winner, and Bob Black from Greensboro has correctly identified our Players, to go along with our Baseball Nicknames…..

    Here is how the list should look and Bob Black got to the warning track and he was going way, way back, to get these and he went back and hit the JackPot….

    We head to back to the bat rack, and see what Bob Black found with a smack, or two…

    1)Hammerin’ Hank….Could be two answers to this, but the first one that comes to your mind, will probably be the keeper…—Hank Aaron/Hank Greenberg
    2)The Splendid Splinter–Ted Williams
    3)The Mad Hungarian–Al Hrabosky
    4)The Commerce Comet–Mickey Mantle
    5)The Bambino–Babe Ruth
    6)The Iron Horse–Lou Gehrig
    7)Knucksie-Phil Niekro
    8)The Yankee Clipper–Joe DiMaggio
    9)The Bird-Mark Fidrych
    10)The Big Hurt–Frank Thomas
    11)The Scooter–Phil Rizzuto
    12)Charlie Hustle–Pete Rose
    13)The Georgia Peach–Ty Cobb
    14)The Lip–Leo Durocher
    15)Pudge and there could be two good possible choices for this one…Get either one, and you don’t need both…–Ivan Rodriguez/Carlton Fisk
    16)Catfish–Jim “Catfish” Hunter
    17)Mr. October–Reggie Jackson
    18)Killer–Harmon Killebrew
    19)The Say Hey Kid–Willie Mays
    20)Stan the Man–Stan Musial
    21)Ryno–Ryne Sandberg
    22)Tom Terrific–Tom Seaver
    23)The Flying Dutchman–Honus Wagoner
    24)Hack–Hack Wilson
    25)Yaz–Carl Yastrzemski

  5. The one I like the most on the Bob Black secondary list of nicknames, is Wade Boggs, as “The Chicken Man”…

    He has been in the news a lot this week, after being shot last week down in the Dominican, and we still wish him well in his recovery, another very BIG baseball name/nickname, “Big Papi”/David Ortiz…

    Are the nicknames dying out some????

    In last night’s NBA Championship Game with Golden State vs. Toronto, I can only think of one player right off the bat, so to speak, with a nickname and that would be the Warriors’ DeMarcus “Boogie” Cousins…

    No Stephen Curry nickname or nicknames that I know of, although Stephen Curry and Seth Curry’s dad, Del Curry, was really known as Adell Curry back in his younger days, and then they shortened his name to just Dell….

    More to tell, let’s back to well, with Dell…That is sort of how Dell Curry’s basketball shot call used to go, “Dell to the well, for two.”…
    (Circa Bob Licht and the Charlotte Hornets radio broadcast)….

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