Just saw the sign on Battleground Avenue:”After 55 Years, The Your House Restaurant has Closed”!!!!!

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing….That sign on Battleground Avenue reading, “After 55 Years, The Your House Restaurant has Closed”….

This is a shocker….Mr. Callicut had that business forever and for the last several years, the old Western Guilford Hornet, Johnny Roberts, has been running the place…

I really thought a place like the Your House Restaurant would last forever, but like so many other things we are seeing disappear, it is GONE….

Was just in there this past Friday night for the breakfast special and have been in there every late night Friday, for the past six months or more, for the Breakfast Special, at the Your House Restaurant….

But no more…

Two eggs, toast, bacon, grits and a glass of tea for $3.99/$4.26 with tax, GONE….

The Your House Restaurant is GONE!!!!!