WWE Referee Charles Robinson trying to locate his “Horror Movie” memorabilia:What ‘Little Naitch’ had, is now GONE!!!

from Joe Marusak, at the Charlotte Observer, talking about ‘Little Naitch’ Charles Robinson and parts of his memorabilia collection that were stolen from a storage unit down in Charlotte….Charles Robinson is long-time WWE referee, a former main-event ref for WCW, and has been best friends with Ric Flair for many years…
Robinson had a huge collection of “Horror Movie” collectables, and loads of wrestling stuff and now most of it is GONE….What happened, and why Charles Robinson is ‘mad as a Charlotte Hornets fan’, and he won’t take it anymore….Here is the low-down on what has been going on, and this is a pretty interesting look into what Charles Robinson had, and now it is GONE….

from the Charlotte Observer at www.charlotteobserver.com:
WWE referee Charles Robinson scoured online auction sites for weeks, looking for his massive collection of memorabilia that he says was stolen from a south Charlotte storage unit. Now, he thinks an item being sold on eBay might offer a solid lead.

“I was really shocked when I opened the storage unit door and noticed that the place was a mess and stuff was missing,” Robinson told The Charlotte Observer. “I seriously felt like it was a nightmare, and once I realized this was really happening, I felt sick to my stomach. Then I got angry once I didn’t get any assistance from the storage company.”

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