Update on Greensboro Colt Baseball, with last week of Regular Season coming around and All-Stars Tryouts at Grimsley HS on July 7

Greensboro Colt Baseball All-Stars:
ALL STAR TRYOUT 7/7/2019 7:30 PM GHS

Greensboro Colt Baseball games for today/Tuesday July 2:
Burlington Williams(7-3-1) vs. Western Guilford HS(3-8-1) at Stoner-White Stadium 6pm
Cornerstone Charter School(2-9) vs. Southern Guilford HS(2-8-1) at Stoner-White Stadium 8pm

from Monday night at Grimsley HS:Northern Guilford 5, Southern Guilford 1
from Monday night at Stoner-White:Ragsdale 7, Reidsville 6
from Monday night at Stoner-White:Ragsdale 16, Dudley 9

Northern Guilford(10-2)
Southern Alamance(6-2)
Western Alamance(5-2)
Burlington Williams(7-3-1)
Northeast Guilford(6-6)
Rockingham County(6-7)
Jordan Matthews(4-8)
Western Guilford(3-8-1)
Southern Guilford(2-8-1)
Cornerstone Charter School(2-9)

**********from Greensboro Colt Baseball**********
This being our fifty fourth year since Bill White, George Warner, Bill Stoner and Ralph Bartlett conceived the idea of building a league for the 15 and 16 year old players that could play on their American Legion team but were not getting meaningful playing time to develop their talent. Greensboro Youth Baseball, Inc. has seen over 11,500 young men come through its program. Our sole mission is to provide the best possible venues for the 14, 15, and 16 year-old youth of Guilford County and the surrounding areas to play baseball. From beginnings considered humble by today’s standards, playing at Summerfield, Oak Ridge, Rankin Schools and occasionally, a tournament game at War Memorial Stadium, we now have a facility like Stoner White Stadium in Jaycee Park. Greensboro Youth Baseball, Inc. has been a self-sustaining, not-for-profit corporation, deriving no income from any governmental body. No Director or person associated with the Greensboro Youth Baseball Board has ever derived any income from it. Our Board is comprised of volunteers drawn from the ranks of men and women who selfishly give of their time and money toward a common commitment to the youth baseball of Guilford County. We have no salaried employees. The only individuals who receive compensation are umpires, scorekeepers and other game personnel who are contracted for their services. Even these people work substantially below scale for their particular specialty because of their affinity for the Greensboro COLT League program and the quality of baseball it’s traditionally fielded.

++++++++++Greensboro Colt Baseball Staff for 2019++++++++++
Miguel Paula – League Directors – Don Stowe

Paul Stutts – Treasurer

Frank Davis – Financial Adviser

Ned McMillan – Bill White Scholarship

Danny Waller – Umpires

Emily Paula – Site Director

Paula Westlake – Assistant League Director (Scheduling, Game Changer, Site Director)