American Hebrew Academy now Six Points Sports Academy, at least for this Summer

Was driving past the former American Hebrew Academy today and when I saw the new banner out front, I had to do a double-take…..

In fact, I turned around my car around and drove right into the entrance at the former American Hebrew Academy/AHA, there on Hobbs Road and when I pulled in, and took a look at that banner for myself, up close and personal, it read, “Six Points Sports Academy”…..

And there were some smaller letters on the banner, reading for the Summer of 2019….

So, the new Six Points Sports Academy is here, at least for the Summer of 2019….

Could this become a Year-Round Institution???

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, but for now, the Six Points Sports Academy is here…Right there on the site, of the former American Hebrew Academy/AHA…

Sort of feel like News 2 at 5:02 and that we are breaking another major story and stay tuned for News 2 at 6:02, for more details…
(Guess you could say, AHA, I think we have found the top story for GreensboroSports for this day.)

Maybe not, but you never know…..

You never know where will be surfacing next….

Upon further research we are now finding more out about the Six Points Sports Academy…..

They are North America’s Premier Jewish Sports Camps
At 6 Points Sports, Jewish athletes participate in top-level sports training
alongside the beloved traditions of Reform Jewish camping.

******The American Hebrew Academy/AHA still lives and is thriving as Six Points Sports Academy for the Summer of 2019…******

6 Point Sports Academy, a UJR Summer Camp…

The 6 Points North Carolina Game Plan
The game plan for an awesome summer!

6 Points Sports – North Carolina offers intensive high quality sports instruction while providing individualized attention to each athlete. In fact, we’ve got a line-up of passionate sports camp coaches and counselors to help. Our programs are open to athletes entering grades 4 through 11.

Athletes take their game to a whole new level! Our unique approach to Jewish education promotes Jewish identity building throughout the course of each day. Our campers not only improve their athletic abilities, they build self-confidence, strong connections to their peers and grow into proud Jewish athletes.

At 6 Points we:

Develop athletic skills through intensive training with top-level coaches in state-of-the art facilities.
Embrace Judaism through our seamlessly integrated Jewish Values education program.
Foster connections by providing a safe, comfortable environment in which to have fun.
Build self-confidence by setting goals, challenging, encouraging each other and celebrating our successes.
Create the next generation of proud Jewish Athletes!

Check Out the Six Points Sports Academy main website, when you CLICK HERE.

You can CLICK ON and see more about the 6 Points North Carolina location, here in Greensboro…..

******This appears to be an office location for 6 Points Sports Academy, inside the Quaker Village Shopping Center….******
URJ 6 Points Sports Academy
5603 W Friendly Ave suite 286
(561) 208-1650

******There you have it and now, the Six Points/6 Points Academy is on the Sports Map, here in Greensboro, courtesy of….******