P.J. Hairston(Dudley HS/UNC Tar Heels) in court today on assault charges but alleged victim is a “No Show”

P.J. Hairston, who played high school basketball for the Dudley Panthers and college basketball for the UNC Tar Heels, was in Greensboro on/in a different court today…

P.J. Hairston was in a Greensboro courtroom, for the start of his trial on assault charges, but the alleged victim did not make her court appearance…She was a “No Show”….

The charges P.J. is facing are, assault on a female, interfering with emergency communication and injury to personal property…..

The judge has continued the case until August 13, but the Judge, Judge Angela Fox, said she would not continue or postpone the case again….

Next day in court for Hairston will be August 13, next day on the basketball court for P.J. will be on Friday July 19, in The Basketball Tournament, at the Greensboro Coliseum….P.J. will be playing for the CP3 team, the #2 seed in the Greensboro bracket right behind the #1 seeded Kyle Hines(UNCG/EuroLeague All-Stars) team….

FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2019 – 6:40PM EDT
Nobody has his finger on the pulse on North Carolina basketball quite like 9x NBA All-Star Chris Paul. The Winston-Salem native will bring Team CP3 to TBT/The Basketball Tournament for the first time this summer. The team is comprised of alumni from the Team CP3 AAU program, including PJ Hairston (UNC), Sam Hunt (NC State), and Dez Wells (Maryland). CP3 will man the sidelines as a GM. They’ll take on the Andre Drummond-coached Tampa 20/20. The team is hoping to build on their 2018 first-round exit by adding Devon Baulkman (Tennessee) to their core of overseas pros.

I spoke to P.J. Hairston three weeks ago about the TBT event and he is very excited and interested in playing in this basketball event…The tournament/TBT-winning team will receive 2 million dollars…

P.J. has a baby daughter now and he has to take care of all kinds of business these days….Personal business, family business and basketball business….

I can tell you one thing that is for certain, no matter how many problems P.J. Hairston has been battling over the years, P.J./Samuel Hairston is proud of his baby daughter and wants to be a good father to that young baby…

We know P.J. has been through lot over the years, but here’s hoping he can soon put all of those legal problems behind him, and get back to the business of basketball and raising his little daughter….Tre Turner, Little Walter, Ms. Poteet, Jalen Spicer, I know that entire crew is still in his corner and backing him up…

I hope CP3 wins the Big Money and P.J. can use those funds to keep helping his little daughter, because I can tell from talking with him three weeks ago, he is a proud poppa……

(P.J. Hairston looks to be in pretty good shape too. His arms are the size of man that has been hitting some weights, at the local weight room or fitness center.)

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  1. PJ is headed in the right direction, there is no turning back now. We’re coming for everything they said we couldn’t have.

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