Uniting the Triad in Recreational Sports

Greensboro United Rec + Twins Rec: Same Program, New Name

As announced earlier this year, Twin City Youth Soccer Association and Greensboro United Soccer Association united organizations under one management company, the North Carolina Triad Fusion, and branded with the new club name North Carolina Fusion. In addition, we are excited to share that our Twins Recreation and GUSA Recreation programs will also fall under this same umbrella.

As North Carolina Fusion, managed by one entity, the organizations will continue to maintain a local community focus, while uniting the entire Triad soccer community with the following goal in mind:
Continue to offer a program for EVERYONE – In addition to the high-quality programming we offer at the top levels, we are continually committed to having programs for ALL ages and ALL levels of play. The beloved soccer recreation programs in Greensboro (GUSA Rec) and Winston-Salem (Twins Rec) will maintain the same product, organization, and fun – just wear a new name: NC Fusion Rec!

For existing players at Twin City, Greensboro United and Fusion, operating the programs under a single management structure will enhance their opportunity to play at every level of soccer as they potentially move out of the Rec Program into a more competitive environment. We will also welcome new players from surrounding communities of the Triad to be a part of our programs at all levels of play.

Exciting times ahead in the Triad – for all youth sports. We hope you’ll join the fun and play NC Fusion Rec this fall!