Friday Schedule for COLT Baseball East Zone Tournament at Stoner-White Stadium(Jaycee Park):Greensboro Green in action at 4:30pm

CLICK HERE for the COLT East Zone Tournament Brackets….Friday results and Saturday’s game(s)…

**********Coming up TODAY at Stoner-White Stadium, it is Day Three of the 2019 COLT Baseball East Zone Tournament:**********
(Double Elimination Tournament and our Greensboro White team was eliminated on Thursday evening./Greensboro Green team in action today, at 4:30pm.)

Game One
Johnstown, Ohio(0-1) vs. Kempsville, Virginia(1-1) 2pm…..Overall Game 5

Game Two
Greensboro Green(1-0) vs. Bronx, N.Y.(2-0) 4:30pm…….Overall Game 6

Game Three
Loser Game 6 vs. Winner Game 5 7pm

Greensboro Green Team

Brett Garrett, Pella Stokes

Nolan Lawrence	Northern 			
Ben Kaiser	Northern
Tyler Lamarr	Northern
Blake Freeman	Southern Alamance
Maddux Smith	Southern Alamance
Paddy McGonigal	Grimsley
Winn Scott	Ragsdale
Greyson Tudor	Rockingham County
Ryan Loseke	Grimsley
Jack Brown	Grimsley
Jaylon Brunson	Dudley
Evan Council	Northeast Guilford
Evan Morris	Western Alamance
Luke Jenkins	Grimsley
Clay Edmundson	Southern Guilford
Ryne Rodrigues	Northwest Guilford
Cooper White	Northeast Guilford 
Eli Willen	Grimsley