2019 COLT Baseball East Zone Tournament at Stoner-White Stadium(Jaycee Park):Greensboro Green going for the Championship/Title this morning at 10am

TODAY/Saturday at 10am:2019 COLT Baseball East Zone Championship Game with Greenboro Green(2-0) vs. Bronx, N.Y.(3-1)

**********If The Bronx beats/defeats Greensboro Green, a Game Two will be played TODAY at 12:30pm…..The Bronx must win two games over Greensboro Green, to win the Title/Championship….Today’s Winner/East Zone Champion, will go on to next week’s COLT Baseball World Series, at Marion, Illinois….**********
+++++Greensboro Green over Bronx, N.Y., 24-1, back on Friday afternoon…..+++++

CLICK HERE for the brackets, for this year’s Tournament….