John Hughes leaving Northwest Guilford High School:NWG AD heading to EG/Eastern Guilford to become EG Wildcats’ assistant principal

**********John Hughes, Athletic Director at Northwest Guilford High School headed to Eastern Guilford High School, where he will be the assistant principal, working with the head EG Wildcat leader, Principal Lance Sockwell….**********

from John Hughes, departing Northwest Guilford High School:
Hello all,

As Mr. Kitley informed everyone this morning, I have accepted an assistant principal position at Eastern Guilford High School. I am very excited to begin my new career path as a school administrator, but of course the tough part will be leaving Northwest High where I have called home for more than half of my life.

I would like to thank all the coaches, teachers, and administrators who have helped support our mission of education based athletics at Northwest. Some of us have been together for a very long time, and I treasure the professional relationships and friendships that we have built around this school in the common goal of teaching and coaching our students to the best of our ability.

Going forward, I will begin transitioning to the position this week. Mr. Kitley will post the athletic director position this week and will likely be seeking a permanent replacement in late August.

In the meantime for an interim basis, Donnie Watkins, Lee Reavis, and Tammy Shoemaker will be handling my duties. Mr. Watkins will be the go to for any parent and administrative issues. Lee Reavis will be the game administrator and handle most of the athletic logistical issues like transportation, scheduling, and other athletic department communication. Tammy Shoemaker will be the go to for any PowerSchool and eligibility issues along with early dismissals.

God bless each and every one of you and if you ever need anything please do not hesitate to contact me.

John Hughes

+++++++++Just a few names that come to mind, coaches that were at Northwest Guilford while John Hughes was the NWG AD for over 20 years….++++++++++
Greg King-Football
Glen Locklear-Football
Joe Woodruff-Football
Jared Rolfes-Football
Kevin Wallace-Football

Anthony Long-Boys Basketball
Manny Bloom-Boys Basketball
Lee Reavis-Boys Basketball

Darlene Joyner-Girls Basketball
Mike Everett-New Girls Basketball for 2019-2020

Wayne Knox for Boys Basketball and Bob Yow for Girls Basketball were just getting out, as John Hughes was getting in as the NWG AD….

Before John Hughes was NWG AD, he was the NWG head baseball coach….Just before John, Sandy Gann was the baseball coach and Wayne Knox the NWG AD, and then you had Tommy Waynick as head baseball coach, followed by Sonny Gann as baseball coach and now newly hired Chris Maness as head baseball coach, at NWG….

Darlene Joyner-Softball
Anthony Long-Softball
Teresa Fister-Softball
Coach Shoemaker-Softball
Mike Everett-Softball….Before Coach Joyner, you had coach Wayne Knox coaching the softball team…

Darlene Joyner-Volleyball
Nancy Dorn Everett-Volleyball

Another one that came to mind that put in a lot hard work and a lot of years at Northwest Guilford was wrestling coach Ron Bare…..
Wrestling Coach-Ron Bare

*****Many other coaches and other sports, but these are the main ones that come to mind, while John Hughes was the NWG AD…*****


  1. We added coach Ron Bare, NWG wrestling coach to the list of NWG coaches and he has been at out there at NWG for a good while…

    For our overview of athletics in Guilford County, Randall Hackett at Eastern Guilford High School now appears to be the longest tenured AD in Guilford County…Coach Cook over at High Point Central may just be #2 as longest tenured AD for the county…

    We lost Rusty Lee at Page, and Brian Herndon at Ragsdale within the past year due to retirement, and Lewis Newman at Grimsley stepped aside and went to Chapel Hill High…

    Matt Harder at Page, Debbie Jones at Ragsdale and Ethan Albright at Grimsley, among the new AD’s in Guilford County, as school prepares to open back up, on August 25….I think that is the correct re-start date, Monday August 25….

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