First Football in Focus Show of the new 2019 High School Football Season, coming up TONIGHT at KickBack Jack’s, on Battleground Avenue(GreensboroSports Radio)

TONIGHT it will be KickBack Jack’s on Battleground Avenue, for our first Football in Focus Show of the new 2019 high school football season…

We have our same start time as in previous years, with the football dropping at 6pm…You can listen to the Football in Focus Show on GreensboroSports Radio and the show will be videotaped for download to YouTube on Friday, following Thursday’s show…

Football in Focus, back for its 12th season and we will have a number of guests in there at KickBack Jack’s with us TONIGHT including Ray Linney, the first-ever black athlete at Ben L. Smith High School and Ray will be talking about next Friday night, when they will be honoring the First Ben L. Smith Golden Eagles football team(Players returning to Smith, from over 50 years ago)…Lots of history brewing up for that event, next Friday night, when the Smith Golden Eagles will be hosting the Northeast Guilford Rams…GreensboroSports Radio

Following our chat with Ray Linney, we will turn our attention to Chris Zellous, from the Grimsley Whirlies and we will be talking about the Whirlies big game coming up this Friday night, with Grimsley hosting the Northern Guilford Nighthawks…Chris Zellous is one of the top quarterbacks in our area and we will talk to the Whirlie senior about his career and more on Thursday evening, from the KickBack Jack’s on Battleground Avenue…GreensboroSports Radio

We will have Chris and then we will bring in D.J. Wagner from the Carolina Cobras and get the word from D.J. on the Cobras’ 2019 season…We will look back at the Championship Run by the Cobras in 2019 and how this season went overall and how the team is already building and preparing for next season…D.J. will also be on the scene for us on Friday night at Davie County, where the War Eagles of Davie County will be hosting the Page Pirates and D.J. will be covering that game for us, for….Coach Res, who worked with the Carolina Cobras, is now one of the key assistant coaches for the Page Pirates…..GreensboroSports Radio

Up next, after our visit with D.J. Wagner, we’ll plan to have Javondre Paige, the senior QB from Page High School and we will find out more about this year’s Page Pirates team, from their senior leader, Javondre Paige….Javondre Paige has put together two highly successful seasons at the helm of the Pirates’ ship/team and this week he hopes to get his team off to a strong start on Friday night, over at Davie County High School in Mocksville, N.C…. GreensboroSports Radio

Our last guest will be another quarterback and that will be Jordan Williams, from Ben L. Smith High School…Williams is the senior leader of the Smith Golden Eagles’ offense and plans to lead the team onto the field, vs. the Northwest Guilford Vikings, on Friday night…Jordan Williams had a great junior season, and now as a senior he looks to make his mark in the Ben L. Smith record books and at the same time leave his name and his mark on that Claude Manzi Stadium Field, there on the campus of Ben L. Smith High School, in 2019….GreensboroSports Radio

That is our Football in Focus Show game plan for TONIGHT and our guest list and interviews are always subject to change….

Football in Focus, back for its 12th season and looking to get rolling tomorrow night, at the KickBack Jack’s on Battleground Avenue, and they will have all of your football games on TV in there on Thursday, with the NFL taking the top/prime billing, featuring the Carolina Panthers at the New England Patriots, kickoff coming up at 7:30pm….

Football in Focus at 6pm on GreensboroSports Radio, from the KickBack Jack’s on Battleground Avenue….

*********************************************************************************************************************************************************************from our first-ever Football in Focus season, back in 2008….
Posted by Andy Durham on September 4, 2008 at 1:18 pm under College, High School, Professional | 2 Comments to Read | Edit’s Football in Focus will be running LIVE again tomorrow night……

The show got underway last week and was set to move to its regular time slot of 6-7 on Thursdays this week but the storm is due to be coming through tomorrow and many of the HS football games were moved to Thursday this week to avoid the storm altogether and we will be at the Dudley-Grimsley game tonight night with reports from Page-Southern Lee.

Football in Focus and we will be talking high school, college and pro football as always and we hope to have Tom Keller back again from the News and Record if his schedule allows, and we will have reps from Grimsley and Page with players, coaches and Athletic Directors in the house for this week’s show. Players, coaches and staff from other schools in the area are welcome to join in and we hope to have some reps from Dudley and other teams in there too.

Doug Cockman will be in this week to talk college football and Jim Modlin will have the first edition of his NFL picks.

It should make for a good LIVE show so if you want to hit the web, and be on LIVE internet TV, it’s Football in Focus for you….

Last week we had right at 500 viewers to watch the show either in the LIVE version or on tape from Ustream TV. Not bad for round one.

You’ll have a chance to see us and we hope to see you for Football in Focus…..