Mass shooting near Danville, Virginia(Keeling, Va.) leaves three dead and gone are family members of Tampa Bay Rays’ pitcher(Blake Bivens)/Check out that WXII TV 12 Video with the murderer on the move

**********You have to check out this video from WXII TV 12….CLICK HERE, and it shows the shooter jogging in place and grabbing a church member by the throat and confronting the authorities….This video captures the shooter, right before he was finally captured…Classic Video…

CLICK HERE for photos from the Homicide scene….

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(Reports are saying that those shot and killed included the wife and child of Blake Bivens, a pitcher in the Tampa Rays professional baseball organization and that the shooter was the brother of the mother and child and that the other woman that was shot, was the shooter mother.)

PITTSYLVANIA CO., Va. (WSET/ABC TV 13) — A woman and child who were killed in a triple homicide are believed to be that of a double-A pitcher in the Tampa Bay Rays organization, reports say.

According to Jeff Passan, a Major League Baseball Insider and ESPN writer, the wife and child of Blake Bivens, who is with the Tampa Bay Rays, were among three people killed in Pittsylvania County.

Jeff Passan
Just an awful tragedy: The wife and child of Blake Bivens, a Double-A pitcher in the Tampa Bay Rays organization, were among three people killed in rural Virginia on Tuesday, sources tell ESPN. Police have charged Bivens’ wife’s brother with first-degree homicide.

The Montgomery Biscuits also tweeted an announcement canceling their doubleheader because of a member of the Biscuit family tragedy.

Montgomery Biscuits
Tonight’s doubleheader has been cancelled.

The Central Boulevard Church of God wrote a Facebook post connecting the Bivens and Bernard families.
The Tampa Bay Rays also tweeted out about the incident, sending their thoughts and prayers to Blake Bivens’ family.

A neighbor found one person dead in the driveway on Tuesday, August 27 and after further investigation, they found another adult and the child dead inside the home.

Tampa Bay Rays
We’re with you, Blake.

ABC 13’s Kyle Wilcox was standing in the media staging area when 18-year-old Matthew Bernard ran past reporters, attacked a church groundskeeper by putting his hands around his neck, and a police officer chased him down the street after macing him and hitting him with a nightstick to no avail.

At approximately 12:15 PM, Bernard ran from a wooded area and law enforcement was able to get Bernard, who was naked, into custody, police said.

Police confirm that Bernard is being treated at a local medical facility.

He’s facing three counts of first degree murder.