After a Sophomore Season filled with adjustments/frustrations at Appalachian State, Hard-working Thomas Hennigan(Northwest Guilford HS) is ready to lead and help any way he can in 2019

The 2018 football season was a year of adjustments, for former Northwest Guilford receiver/athlete Thomas Hennigan, who now calls the turf at Appalachian State University his home…

Last year was Hennigan’s sophomore season and after a freshman campaign filled with more than enough footballs coming his way, last year, in 2018, Thomas Hennigan had to get used to seeing more of his teammates get involved with the APP State offense, and Thomas did not see the ball coming his way nearly as much as it did, during his freshman year at APP.

Henningan did not let his decrease in productivity mess up his game, as he found other ways to adjust and get involved in the Mountaineer team concept, and if it meant Thomas needed to hone up his blocking skills and begin to become more of a mover, as in moving defenders out of the way, so his teammates could get up field after the catch or run, that is what Thomas Hennigan did, because Thomas Hennigan is a “team player”…Thomas found sometimes he has to be more of a mover, than a shaker…..

It has never been a ‘me first’ concept for Thomas Hennigan, it has always been about the “team first” and with Thomas Hennigan being one of the hardest working and most determined athletes we have ever seen coming out of Guilford County, it is no surprise that Thomas Hennigan found ways to make himself a better “team player” last season, even if it meant the ball was not in his hands as much as it was, back in the Fall of 2017, his freshman year at Appalachian State University….

Thomas has always been about finding ways to make himself better on and off the football field, and that approach and perspective in turn, turns out to make his team a better ball club…Thomas Hennigan will never be out-worked and you can’t out-heart him either…
(If there is a loose football on the turf, or a loose basketball on the court, nobody, and I mean nobody, will out-work or out-battle/out-hustle Thomas for that ball….You don’t want to be in a one-on-one scrum with Thomas, because there is no denying or doubting that Thomas, will come out the winner.)

But with all of that we have said above, that does not mean last season was not without frustrations for Thomas Hennigan….

Thomas is human somewhat like the rest of us, even though he is inclined to do “Super Human” things on the college football field…

Thomas spoke with Ethan Joyce of the Winston-Salem Journal and shared his thoughts with Joyce on last season, Thomas’ sophomore year at APP…

“I definitely looked back, and I realize I got frustrated at times,” Hennigan said. “I probably shouldn’t have been frustrated because it’s an emotional game.

“You can’t always control everything. You can’t always keep everything locked in for 60 minutes on a football field. Sometimes I think I was a little too hard on myself, but other times I think I needed that extra drive in the back of my mind.”

“It kind of rationalizes everything for me,” Hennigan said. “So I’ve always had that in the back of my mind, driving me for the last eight months, in spring ball, in weights.

“I definitely have something to prove this year.”

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