Talk about a “Stone-Cold Stunner”:Northern Guilford Beats Page 16-14

Northern Guilford Beats Page 16-14.
from D.J. Wagner with

In a game where both teams came in 0-1 on the season if you had looked at the stats from last week, you would have expected a completely different outcome in this game, but that is why they play the game.

Last week Page came up short against Davie County 28-27 and piled on 544 yards total offense to lose in the final five seconds on a failed two-point conversion, while Northern Guilford was shut out 34-0 to Grimsley. This time the defense of Northern Guilford reigned supreme in beating Page 16-14 to bring their record to 1-1 while dropping Page to 0-2 in the home opener for Page.

Page opened the game with a pre-game ceremony in honor of Sincere Davis, who was lost in a shooting in March of this year. Page is doing a couple of things to honor him this season. First off Page put red lines on each of the hash marks on the 26-yard line, and one member of the Pirates was going to wear #26 during each home game this season. QB Javondre’ Paige had the first honor to wear the number tonight.

Northern Guilford won the opening toss and chose to defer so Page got the ball to start the game. The first three possessions ended in punts before Northern Guilford finally was able to drive 48 yards on nine plays as it was QB Will Lenard passing to Rashawn Pleasant from 15 yards out for the TD, the key play on the drive was the first one as Lenard kept the ball and rushed 16 yards to the Page 34. The PAT was good, and it was 7-0 Nighthawks.

The Pirates rotated QBs again this time bringing Alonza Barnett under center for the next drive and he had a 21-yard run, and completed a 19-yard pass to Antoine Shaw, add to that a couple of penalties and it finished with a five-yard pass from Barnett to CJ Crump for the TD, it took 11 plays and went 65 yards and with 10:16 to go the half it was tied up at 7. Page was able to turn the Nighthawks over on downs at midfield but were not able to capitalize, Javondre’ Paige was sacked on third and nine by Tobi Fawole and was taken out of the game. He would not return as he was placed in concussion protocol. So, a week after going 20-32 352 yards and 4 TDs, he finished the night 1-5 for 5 yards. Both defenses locked down the remainder of the half, and we finished the half tied at 7.

Northern Guilford got the ball to start the second half and the team traded punts, before Northern Guilford struck again. After a really bad snap on a punt for Page punter Tyler Elliott made a great save getting the kick off, and what would have turned into a 30 yard loss turned into a 13 yard punt but gave the Nighthawks a short field and they wasted no time, first it was a 29-yard pass to Michael Frogge to get the ball down to the Page 9, and after a tackle for loss and short two yard run it was a 13-yard pass, again to Frogge, for the TD. With the PAT it was 14-7 Nighthawks. Neither offense could muster any steam on offense the rest of the quarter and that is how we ended the third.

The fourth was more of the same at the start, this time Northern Guilford was able to drive down to the Page 39 before having to punt, and their special teams was able to down the ball on the Page two-yard line. The Pirates went 0-3 on passes and mixed in a false start penalty to have fourth and 11 at their 1-yard line. Tyler Elliot caught the high snap, but when he came down his foot was on the end line and it was ruled a safety, making it 16-7 Northern Guilford with 5:11 to play.

Northern Guilford was not able to run out the clock after the free kick and had to punt, it took three plays for Page to answer, two huge plays were part of the drive, first Barnett passed 28-yards to Jaiel Melton, and then finished with a 43-pass and run by CJ Crump, with the PAT it was 16-14 with 1:52 left.

The Nighthawks recovered the onside kick but fumbled on their first play as Jordan McInnis coughed it up and it was recovered by Jerome Roy for the Pirates. The Pirates went four and out to turn the ball over on downs and the Nighthawks were able to run out the last 52 seconds to bounce back from the shut out a week earlier. Will Lenard with 15-22 180 yards and 2 TDs for the Nighthawks while Alonza Barnett was 7-22 122 yards and 2 TDs.

Page next travels to Dudley, while Northern Guilford will host Ragsdale.


  1. Not a surprise. It’s the three year curse. Some of the most undisciplined stuff I’ve seen on the Page sideline.

    Looks like Rofles has pulled his signature off again. The three year curse.

  2. Good talent but a young undisciplined Page team. Looks like they’ll be 0-3 to start the season.

  3. Page has a very tough non-conference schedule with Dudley, East Forsyth, Eastern Guilford and others still ahead…All of those games are going to be very tough…Page will be ready for the Metro 4-A Conference games, but they do need to get Javondre Paige back…The experience and leadership of a proven senior can not be overlooked or underestimated….

  4. Page is very young people. Remember even Coach G started out 0-5 a few years back with a similar Strength of schedule. Rolfes is a good coach and will have Page where they need to be. May have to take some bumps this season.

  5. It is absolutely ridiculous Andy that you didn’t call out the first two comments. To add, the headline of this article is wrong and a bit brackish(for all you Page fans feel free to look that word up) “Stone Cold Stunner.” Really ? Northern Guilford has been improving under Coach Westberg every year! Honestly, he does not get a modicum of, dare I write adoration, that other coaches get in the press. And for the Northern fans that who still have dreams of Johnny Roscoe ambling out to the field, it is over. This is not MSG and he is not Willis Reed. Embrace this new era of football that Coach Westberg started just a few years back.

  6. Westberg doesn’t even get respect from northern fans. They scrutinize every move he makes. He’s brought this program back into the at least the conversation again with kids who were raised in our community. And he’s also lost many kids to Page and other schools. Not saying he does everything right, just saying he deserves respect from everyone. I realize that all coaches deal with this stuff. I just think Westberg is a good coach who has a plan and the kids best interests at heart. Thanks.

  7. It sure seemed like a stunner after seeing Northern at Grimsley last week…

    Page was heavily favored in the game and the results could well be affected by the loss of the Pirates’ QB Javondre Paige….

    I will always support Coach Westberg and Coach Rolfes in what they are doing and that’s the bottom line because Stone Cold Steve Austin said so..

    The headlines and comments catch people’s attention and my attempts to create information that makes people want to read what we have here, have been somewhat successful…

    This is the way that I know how to do it…Not the same way as others, but with the resources we have here, we are trying to get the job done….

    We’re busting our buns, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes here that people never get to see, we are bustin’ and I hope people keep coming back for more…

    The decisions we make are not easy, but we lift up our work and hope at the end of the day, we have done the right thing…

    If Coach Rolfes or Coach Westberg have any problems with us, I hope that they will let us know, and others, “Get on the Goodfoot”, there’s a good tune from the past for you….

    Coach Rolfes is a man of faith and he will not let this bad start bring him down, Coach Westberg is building and he is on the right track…The Grimsley game was a mere setback, but now Northern is tracking again…..

    A few thoughts from the sports desk….

    Last word, with all of the work I have done here over the years, you people ought to be sending me some checks brother….I was with Davey Crockett and Sam Houston at the Alamo…And with Jim Crockett and Dusty Rhodes at the NWA Clash of Champions…

  8. @Andy Durham “Headlines and comments are to create information” Andy, my friend, but there should be no need to “create” information. Information should have actual existence , an objective reality that speaks in absolute truth and detail. Also, how do you know Page was heavily favored? I looked all over for a line on this game and couldn’t find one.

  9. Yes we are printing information….For Northern after the Grimsley loss, it looked like their season was at a turning point and they turned it around last night.

    We can locate it, create it, uncrate it, we can do all kinds of things but on some days we are providing a service and some days it may appear to be a disservice, but at the end of the day, as Coach Lombardi used to say, we must all find a way to leave the field victorious…

    I will take the high road and head to High Point….Hope to be back here by 4:30….

    (When you create information, that is actually the form of putting it and printing it on the computer screen…If you can’t feel that, ask Tom Edison, he will back me up and Tom has my back.)

  10. I’d like to also say on this Saturday that our thoughts are with Page quarterback Javondre Paige…Here’s hoping he will be cleared by Page Med to return to action next Friday night at Dudley…

    Javondre, in my opinion is one of the top QB’s to come through Page HS and this young man is an excellent leader and an example of things being done right on the high school level..

    Get back in there soon Javondre Paige, your teammates need you and I’m sure they are looking forward to your return…

    Also on this early Saturday evening, did anyone see anything about a high school football game that was cancelled last night here in North Carolina, due to fights that were breaking out on the field…The officials feared the fighting might begin among the fans in the stands and the game was called off/stopped…

    Heard from one report that this game was somewhere near Anson County…..

    Anybody got any news on this one???

  11. Andy,

    The fight was between Richmond County and Anson County. Game was called right at halftime with Richmond up 33-0. 2 players ejected.

  12. God bless you, thanks for the info on Richmond County-Anson County….That was driving me crazy trying to find that one out….

    Thanks again…And we will try and get more up here on this game, or lack of game….

  13. from the Richmond County Daily Journal and Donnell Coley….We will look for more on this one….

    WADESBORO — Richmond Senior renewed its rivalry with Anson on Friday and took it to the home Bearcats early and often. The Raiders held a 33-0 lead with just a few ticks left on the clock before halftime when a couple of players from opposing sides exchanged shoves and punches after the whistle, leading to a wave of coaches rushing the field.

    Both head coaches met with officials at midfield and decided to award the Raiders (2-0) their second blowout win of the season.


    Richmond County Raiders coach Bryan Till knew the hype surrounding his team after they were named the top-ranked team in the state according to WRAL’s digital platform,, earlier in the week. But he says the group ignored the talk and focused on the task at hand.

    “I know they saw it, but really, I didn’t hear a single kid say anything about it,” said Till. “I don’t think they really care. They know the road you got to take, so that stuff really doesn’t matter.”

  14. from one of the Message Boards:

    It appears the Anson County Bearcats were upset due to being stomp by the Richmond County Raiders and one of their players(Anson County) shoved a Raider after play ended. The Raider returned favor and then several players on both sides got into it. Next, players from bench came on field and it had to broken up by coaches and referees. Game was ended at halftime, due to possible problem if continued.

  15. Here is more from a Richmond County Raiders fan from over at

    On what happened in the Richmond County-Anson County high school football game……

    I can answer that question…Score 33-0 with 58 seconds left in first half….I think number 68 offensive lineman for Anson punches defensive lineman number 92 for Richmond at midfield after a pass play incomplete……Number 92 punches him back…..Both teams on the field rush to pull back their players, while about a dozen Anson players from the bench run on the field….No other punches……No Richmond players crossed the white sideline…..Both 68 and 92 were ejected….Officials met and had conference , then called out both head coaches…They agreed to end the game….That is what happened….Nothing else…Good move by the coaches, with the score what it was…..I don’t like to see a game end like that, one main reason, because our 2’s were getting ready to get a full second half…Which would be very helpful down the road….Plus people paid money to see a good football game during Labor Day vacation…Great crowd at the game also….

    Hopefully that is a great lesson learned , just how fast it can all end after that final conference game….Just because one of your teammate’s loses his cool…..WOW…Lets get ready for Matthews Butler at home next Friday…

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