New News and Record HSXtra High School Football Top Ten Poll with Grimsley Whirlies the New #1

********** The new News and Record HSXtra High School Football Top Ten Poll for this week…The Top Ten Poll is compiled each week, by N&R staff writers Joe Sirera and Spencer Turkin, with input from area coaches…CLICK HERE to see more details from the News and Record’s Top Ten HS Football Poll, for this week…**********

Record: 3-0
Last week: 2
Friday: No. 4 Southeast Guilford

Record: 3-0
Last week: 1
Friday: Rockingham County

Record: 2-1
Last week: 3
Friday: Durham Hillside

Record: 2-1
Last week: 5
Friday: At No. 1 Grimsley

Record: 2-1
Last week: 6
Friday: No. 9 Northwest Guilford

Record: 2-1
Last week: 10
Friday: Ragsdale

Record: 4-0
Last week: T7
Friday: Charlotte Country Day

Record: 2-1
Last week: 4
Friday: Page

Record: 2-1
Last week: NR
Next: Ragsdale, Sept. 20

Record: 2-1
Last week: 9
Friday: At No. 5 Northern Guilford


ALSO RECEIVING VOTES (in order of votes received): Page (0-3), Smith (1-2), Andrews (2-1), Ragsdale (1-2).

12 thoughts on “New News and Record HSXtra High School Football Top Ten Poll with Grimsley Whirlies the New #1

  1. Once again the Greensboro News and Record led by Joe Sirera is absolutely clueless. I am beginning to wonder if the sports writers at the News and Record inspired the Alicia Silverstone movie. Or maybe Joe Sirera played a bumbling French detective in his former life? To be completely frank, I am little surprised Joe didn’t put Page in the top three this week.

  2. Are you saying Grimsley should not be #1??? They are the only Unbeaten team in the county…What’s missing and which team do you feel is being slighted….

    I would like to see your poll and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but how would you have the teams listed and stacked up???

    I for one, am curious and Joe and Spencer do a great job of covering the high schools in Guilford County, they have even increased, not decreased their coverage this season…

    I am still curious about how your poll would read….Do you have a team from Guilford County ranked above Grimsley, again curious….

    Here is our Top Ten Guilford County Poll from last Friday and our new poll comes out this Friday….

    Here’s our Top Ten High School Football Poll from
    3)Eastern Guilford(2-0)
    4)Northwest Guilford(2-0)
    5)Southeast Guilford(1-1)
    7)Northern Guilford(1-1)
    8)High Point Andrews(2-0)
    9)Southwest Guilford(1-1)
    10)TIE:Western Guilford(1-1)/Northeast Guilford(1-1)
    **********This is the Top Ten going into tonight’s games and not necessarily the Top Ten coming out of tonight’s games…**********

  3. Increasing something doesn’t necessarily make it better Andy. I can smoke twice as much Meth as I did last year and it’s not good. It’s the quality. My top ten would go as follows ….
    1. Reidsville
    2. Northwest Guilford
    3. Grimsley
    4. Eastern Guilford
    5. Southeast Guilford
    6. Dudley
    7. High Point
    8. Western Guilford
    9. Page
    10. Northern Guilford

  4. NW at #2? 0-3 Page ahead of NG team that beat them. Page must have some really good losses. Your poll is a good example of where emotion has triumphed over reason.

  5. Well for the time being I am speechless…The meth reference really sent me for a loop…

    The Deer they are a Hopping….

    Your poll leaves me seeking more…The High Point would be High Point Christian, I presume…

    Northwest over an unbeaten Grimsley leaves me wondering if the poll might be more of an extended view of what we might see in the weeks to come…

    I may be back for more thoughts on this poll, but first I have to grab some BC powders….

    For the time being, I need to step back and re-examine our debate on the college football vs. high school football landscape, but I’ll be back here later…

    Got to digest this post in more detail….

    I think we need more comments….

    Grimsley #1, and any naysayers on the Whirlies at #1???

    Guilford County and the area, Grimsley #1???

  6. I agree with Gfan on this one. That does explain it. I have not seen Reidsville play but know they are a top team.

    I personally have seen Grimsley and Page play. Top to bottom Grimsley is the best team in the county. I can see them only losing 1 game possibly and that would be E Fosyth.

    Page has talent but in a little bit of rebuilding especially with their Northern players leaving for college and others leaving to other schools.

    As for NW being #2 I will pass judgement on that after this coming Friday but with Wins over Smith and WG and probably should have beat SE after being up 21-7 I’m not so sure Ole Deer Hopping Luke isn’t a NW guy that may have had something dropped in his drink.

    At least he made me laugh here on a foggy Tuesday morning.

  7. I am a Page fan but we are what our record says we are. Dudley was the better team….not sure about the other 2 teams. Again, all that said, we are what our record says. Also find it interesting someone on Spencer Dixon calls out transfers. Just funny to me.

  8. Other than a 7 yd slant that went for a 60 yd TD, NW offense did nothing. It was all special teams. Once SE settled down they ( McQuitty )ran all over NW. The QB that wasn’t good enough to play for NW was good enough to beat NW.

    No way is NW @ 2, and no way are they ahead of Grimsley. We will have to see what SE can do against Grimsley Friday.

  9. Deer Luke, the gift that keeps giving.

    He rips some guy from the N&R about Page being ranked in their poll, then ranks them in his top 10 when the N&R didn’t. Priceless.

    This clown needs to just go back to deer — and smoking meth — and leave high school football to the adults in the room.

  10. @Lukes a Clown. So you write “leave high school football to the adults in the room .” We should probably leave high school football to the student athletes and coaches (many of them teachers). Real strange thing to say. I wonder if the author of the post above pins his own hopes and dreams on an 17 year old child? Let me guess sir, Varsity Blues is played once a week your household. I was always partial to Dazed and Confused.

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